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Information amending agreement (Slovenian 3)

Kéttannyelvű Általános Iskola és Óvoda Apátistvánfalva | Published March 27, 2015
Croatica Nonprofit Kft.

Part I: Slovenian minority language textbooks new development. Slovenian textbooks: 16's & 3's edition CD-DVD (digital curriculum) .Formátumok: standard A / B and 4 / 5th And pre-school textbooks: hardcover (170x242 mm), thread attached to a foil. Teacher manuals and workbooks: paperback (168x238 mm), perfect bound, laminated cover. People's knowledge and pre-school books: hardcover (205x290 mm), thread stitched foiled CDs: according to the standard plastic case with color cover, printed in addition to CDs. Author, lecturer Language: Slovenian 36,800,000, - €, Graphic design: photos, drawings, covers, tables: Slovenian 16,350,000, - €, editorial content cost: Slovenian 6,750,000, - HUF Publishing (internal) Proofreading: Slovenian 5,400,000, - €, publishing costs: engineering, graphic design and editing, pagination and proofreading: Slovenian 21420000 - Ft imprimatur of approval: Slovenian 6.500.000, - € The above amounts include VAT.
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