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Annuitant Health Benefit Open Season Printing, Distributing & Processing Services

Office of Personnel Management, Facilities, Security and Contracting | Published March 19, 2015  -  Deadline September 26, 2014

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T--Print/Distribute Civilian Enterprise (Fort Hood Sentinel) Newspaper, Fort Hood, Texas

Department of the Army, Army Contracting Agency, South Region | Published July 16, 2008  -  Deadline September 5, 2008

Description: Provide all personnel, equipment, labor, supplies, tools, materials, supervision and other items necessary to print and distribute a civilian enterprise newspaper at Fort Hood, Texas. The base contract period will be for a one full year from date of award plus four one-year option periods. This is a no cost contract. Summary of Performance Work Statement: Within 30 days after award date, the Contractor shall provide personnel who are fully competent in the following areas of duty assignment under the contract: Reporting-writing, photography, newspaper design, pagination, graphics, web page design: Reporter-Writer (s) shall have skills to produce articles and photographs. Reporter-Writer (s) shall have experience covering, reporting and writing news, features and sports on assignment. Reporter-Writer(s) shall have extensive knowledge of digital photography, equipment and techniques. Reporter-Writers shall have extensive journalistic knowledge. Designer/Paginator (s) shall be able to understand and implement modern newspaper design techniques and plan production requirements of future issues and design and layout the paper. Designer(s) shall be able to produce graphic elements to complement stories: Web Editor. Contractor shall provide a graphic artist knowledgeable in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and other techniques on the World Wide Web. The contractor shall post the paper on the web. Employees shall produce final proofs with coordination and approval of government representatives. The PAO has the responsibility to determine final layout and design to communicate to the audience for which the publication is intended. Training. The Contractor shall provide an experienced, professionally trained staff, fully versed in all phases of the operation of equipment used. Supervision of Contract Employees: The Contractor shall assign a qualified supervisor to monitor the performance of contract employees involved in the preparation, printing and distribution of the newspaper. Neither the Contractor nor Contractor representatives shall solicit advertising in the name of Fort Hood or of the United States Army. The Contractor and its representatives shall conduct all business operations on an ethical and businesslike basis, dealing honestly and fairly will all advertisers or others coming in contact with the Fort Hood Sentinel. The Contracting Officer shall provide the Contractor and his representatives a letter of authorization to be shown to potential advertisers to establish the relationship between the Government and its requirements for a newspaper and the printing firm. The Contractor shall provide no less that 150 news-stands, all labeled Fort Hood Sentinel, for display of the newspaper within 30 days of the signing of this contract. The number of news-stands required may fluctuate with post population changes, but it should not exceed 175. The Contractor agrees to replace and/or repair damaged, destroyed, or lost news-stands. The Contractor shall provide waterproof stands at outdoor locations. The Contractor shall print and distribute weekly a minimum of 25,000 copies which will be metro size (minimum 22 x 13 ). A minimum of 51 issues per year shall be published on Thursday of each week, except Christmas. The Contractor shall provide a minimum selection of 200 different typefaces of both serif and sans serif styles, ranging in size from 6 to 96 points. The Contractor shall digitally enhance, to the best printing quality possible, a maximum of 100 photographs per issue and shall have said photographs scaled to size as required. The applicable North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for this acquisition is 511110 with size standards in Number of Employees of 500. The solicitation will be issued/posted electronically and available for viewing at the following web site: The solicitation issue date is anticipated to be on or about 5 Sep 2008. All qualified offers may submit their proposal. An Offeror shall submit his/her proposal electronically to e-mail addresses listed below. Questions regarding this solicitation, and/or submission of offers may be sent to Johanna Goodman, Contract Specialist at e-mail address, phone 254-287-6495 and cc Susheep Oden, Contracting Officer at e-mail address, phone 254-287-5479.

T -- Strengthening Vaccines for Adolescents

Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Disease Control and Prevention | Published December 6, 2007

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) intends to award, on a sole source basis, a purchase order to the American Academy of Pediatrics, Elk grove Village, IL 60007. The authority for this sole source procurement is FAR 6.301 and 13.106-1. A purchase order will be issued for the purpose of securing the services of the American Academy of Pediatrics to coordinate peer review and receipt of author revisions Production management ? copy editing, page composition, coordination of review of proofs by authors, final page corrections, print production and printing distribution to subscribers of a supplement consisting of 10 articles entitled ?Strengthening the Delivery of New Vaccines for Adolescents? in the peer reviewed journal the American Academy of Pediatricians. The deliverables include on-going editing, proofing and layouts for January supplement publication in American Academy of Pediatricians. Justification for other than full and open competition is considered due to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reaches the optimum pediatric audience; the most in our target audience. The AAP publication lends its credibility to the CDC by persuading readers to take an interest in improving adolescent immunization. Firms that can qualify for the above requirement are encouraged to identify themselves and give written notification to the Contracting Officer within 5 days of the publication date of this synopsis. Determination by the Government not to compete this proposed action based on responses to this notice and is solely within the discretion of the U.S. Government. Information received will be considered solely for the purpose of determining to conduct a competitive procurement. Inquires may be sent to Gary Morgan by email at

Photographic, mapping, printing & publication services

Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health | Published September 11, 2009  -  Deadline September 15, 2009

THIS IS A NOTICE OF INTENT, NOT A REQUEST FOR A PROPOSAL. A SOLICITATION DOCUMENT WILL NOT BE ISSUED AND PROPOSALS WILL NOT BE REQUESTED. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Office of Acquisition (OA) intends to negotiate and award a purchase order on a noncompetitive sole source basis to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 141 NW Point Blvd. Elk Grove, IL., 60007-1019, to purchase Supplement to the journal Pediatrics titled, �Summary Report of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Integrated Pediatric Guideline on Cardiovascular Health and Risk Reduction.� The new pediatric integrated cardiovascular risk reduction guideline will be published in the December issue of Pediatrics as a journal supplement. The Supplement is published under number 2009-2107, 65,000 copies of the reprints are required. The service will entail the following; peer review, copyediting, composition, prepress preparation, printing, distribution and mailing, and production and maintenance of the electronic version. The reference number NHLBI-PB-(HL)-2009-302-DDC. The Government=s estimated expected delivery date is December 1st 2009. The delivery point is the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), Bethesda, Maryland. The acquisition is being conducted under FAR Part 13, simplified acquisition procedures and the resultant purchase order will include all applicable provisions and clauses in effect through the Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 05-36. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is 813920, and Size Standard $7.0. Million is applicable to this requirement. There are no small business set-aside restrictions applicable to this requirement. The sole source determination is based on the fact that the American Academy of Pediatrics has published the clinical guidelines on Hypertension in children and adolescents and the past which makes the report part of the journal. The report is too long to be printed in the journal and therefore is being printed as a supplement to the journal to meet the required publication date of December 2009. The delivery and acceptance is F.O. B. Point is Bethesda, Maryland. This notice of intent is not a request for competitive proposals. Interested parties may identify their interest and capabilities in response to this synopsis. The determination by the Government not to compete the proposed contract based upon responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. However, all proposals received within five (5) days or September 16, 2009, by7:30 a.m. eastern time after publication of this synopsis will be considered by the Government. Information received will normally be considered solely for the purpose of determining whether to conduct future competitive procurement. Inquires to this announcement, referencing synopsis number NHLBI-PB-(HL)-2009-302-DDC, may be submitted to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, Office of Acquisition, Procurement Branch, 6701 Rockledge Drive, Suite 6042, Bethesda, Maryland 20892-7902, Attention: Deborah Coulter. Response may be submitted electronically to Faxes will not be accepted. Responses will only be accepted if dated and signed by an authorized company representative.

Accountable Mail System

Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service | Published May 27, 2010  -  Deadline June 14, 2010

This is a combined synopsis/solicitation prepared in accordance with the format in Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. THIS ANNOUNCEMENT CONSTITUTES THE ONLY SOLICITATION. BIDS ARE BEING REQUESTED AND NO OTHER WRITTEN SOLICITATION WILL BE ISSUED. Submit emailed quotations to Purchasing Section or fax to (612) 336-3550, Attention Carol Dingess. Quotations are due by June 14, 2010 by 4:00pm Central Time. Simplified Acquisition Procedures will be used per FAR 12. And 14. A firm Fixed Price Purchase order will be awarded. All pricing to include any and all costs but not limited to: overhead, general and administrative costs, profit, and transportation. DESCRIPTION The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), Administrative Services Divisions (ASD), Printing Distribution Mail Center Copier Solutions (PDMCS) Mail Branch Riverdale, will Be replacing its existing accountable mail shipping system. PDMCS Mail Center- manages all outgoing accountable mail; this includes, USPS First Class Mail, Certified Mail, Express Mail, Media Mail, Priority Mail, International Priority Mail and UPS Parcels. The Mail Center Team is currently using the Friendship PS600 system for processing accountable mail requests; the system is out dated and will no longer be supported by the manufacturer. Accountable Mail System Specifications Desired Quantity 1 Accountable Mail System Contractor is required to provide an automated, cost effective system that can do the following: General • Vendor shall provide an Accountable Mail Management System. Including: computer hardware large enough to accommodate storing existing data, software, keyboard, color monitor, 150 lb scale, label printer, and small document printer for reports. • Vendor will provide a stand alone system that will not be connected to the USDA, APHIS network. • The system shall be compatibility to existing mail meter equipment (Neopost IJ85 & Neopost IJ65) • Vendor will be responsible for transferring existing data into the Accountable Mail System. For example: USDA, APHIS program names, accounting codes, and monthly expenditures. Reporting • System shall capture postal expenditures of multiple programs and sub programs within USDA, APHIS agency. • Provide historical data for trend analysis daily, weekly, monthly and annual. • Extensive on screen query, hardcopy query capabilities and package validation reports • Customizable productivity reports Functions • Provide electronic delivery confirmation • The Accountable Mail System shall have the ability to validate ship to mail addresses and provide address correction recommendations. • The system shall be user friendly screen menus to help minimize extensive labor for processing. • Rate and services comparison options • System shall have the ability to incorporate USPS rate increases for the various postal methods. • The system shall have the ability to store all shipping transactions. For example: customer name, program name, program code and tracking number. Support • Vendor shall provide training a minimum of 3 hours, 3 staff; on use of system to maximize usage of system options. • Vendor shall provide system technical support during the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm eastern time, Monday -Friday excluding Federal holidays If the vendor is quoting and does not have a system compatible with our current meters (Neopost IJ85 and Neopost IJ65) then bidding vendor must provide pricing on mail meter units. FOB DESTINATION DELIVERY ADDRESS: USDA/APHIS/MRPBS/PDMCS 4700 Rivercale Road Suite 1A01 Riverdale, MD 20737 FOB DESTINATION - All pricing to include any and all costs but not limited to: overhead, general and administrative costs, profit, and transportation *Notice of total Small Business Set Aside 452.219-70 Size Standard and SIC Code Information. SIZE STANDARD AND SIC CODE INFORMATION (NOV 1996) The Standard Industrial Classi-fication Code(s) and business size standard(s) describing the products and/or services to be acquired under this solicitation are listed below: NAICS CODE - 423420 - Office and Professional Supplies Merchant Wholesaler Size Standard 100 Employees NOTICE TO LARGE BUSINESS: The USDA buying activity in Minneapolis, MN is committed to participation of Small Business, Small Disadvantaged Business and Women-Owned Small Business in the performance of work under this solicitation and resultant contract. The Government will award from this solicitation to the most technically acceptable , responsible offeror whose offer best conforms to the solicitation specifications, and is most advantageous to the government. Price, Technical, Delivery and other factors considered. Each proposal shall respond to each of the evaluation factors identified below., technical evaluation will be performed on each proposal based solely on the information furnished and not on previous knowledge and associations. The evaluation factors are as follows: Technical Evaluation Factors: 1.) All proposals will be rated by comparing descriptive literature against the salient characteristics. 2.) Delivery/Installation. 3.) Training, WARRANTY ITEMS D) Warranty: Explain all details of the warranty. If an extended warranty is available explain details of extended warranty including price and availability after initial warranty expires. The Offeror shall extend to the Government the full coverage of any standard commercial warranty normally offered in a similar commercial sale, provided such warranty is available at no additional cost to the Government. Acceptance of the standard commercial warranty does not waive the Government's rights under the Inspection clause nor does it limit the Government's right with regard to the other terms and conditions of this contract. In the event of a conflict, the terms and conditions of the contract shall take precedence over the standard commercial warranty. The contractor shall provide a copy of its standard commercial warranty (if applicable) with this response. This solicitation document incorporates provisions and clauses which are in effect through the most current Federal Acquisition Circular. Applicable FAR clauses are incorporated by reference and may be viewed on the website and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) The following clauses are applicable to This solicitation and are included in attachment 1 52.252-2 Clauses incorporated by reference with the same force and effect as if they were given in full text. Clauses incorporated by reference, have the same force and effect as if they were given in full text. (see attachment 1) Also, the full text of a clause may be accessed electronically at this address(es): 52.212-1 Instructions to offers Commercial items 52.212-2 Evaluation-Commercial Items. 52.212-3 Offeror Representations and Certifications - Commercial Items 52.212-4 Contract Terms and Conditions for Commercial Items. 52.212-5 Contract Terms and Condition required to implement statutes or executive orders for commercial items CCR Information can be found at All Responsible sources May Submit a Quotation For Consideration. Offers shall include 52.212-3 Representations and Certifications, Which may be submitted from the website: All offers must be signed. . Offeror is responsible for correct input and acceptance of info for on-line registration at time of bid submission. Anyone placing a bid with the USDA must be listed in the government's Central Contractor Registrar. You may register on line with or by calling Central Contractors Registration @ 1-888-227-2423 or consult online hand book at CCR HELP DESK - Anyone placing a bid with the USDA must also obtain a Dunn and Bradstreet number. If your company does not have a DUNS number, you may contact Dun and Bradstreet directly to obtain one by calling 1- 866-705-5711or via the following website: or at Offers submitted without completion of this provision will be considered nonresponsive. Offeror is responsible for correct input and acceptance of info for on-line registration at time of bid submission. Info must be up-to-date-not expired The U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE IS A TAX EXEMPT AGENCY. (EXEMPT FROM STATE AND FEDERAL TAX)
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