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Training services.

 | Published January 23, 2015  -  Deadline February 2, 2015

The course will be financed with funds from the Fund for help disadvantaged and post-penitentiary aid in the context of professional activation prisoners. Specific conditions: 1) PURPOSE OF THE COURSE: acquisition of basic skills in computer and office applications (office suite) 2) HOURS (for 1 course) 32 teaching hours (1 hour = 45 minutes), including: - theoretical: 5 hours of teaching - practical classes: 27 hours of teaching 3) DIMENSION DAILY HOURS: 8 hours teaching course will be held on weekdays. 4) OCCUPANCY (for 1 course): 10 5) ISSUES: a) CONSTRUCTION OF COMPUTER PARTS: - internal and external devices - memory unit, storage - Software b) INTRODUCTION TO WINDOWS: - The main elements of the system - Working with files and folders - Create, save, and delete documents - Taskbar, run - Finding files and documents - Customize to your liking the look of the screen c) text-based program: - Entering text, the use of toolbars - Selecting, moving and copying text - Open and Save Document - Formatting Text - Insert the text of the drawings, designs and other objects - Print, print documents - Set margins, page size and its location - Check spelling and grammar - Create headers and footers - Creating and formatting tables d) Spreadsheet: - Acquainted with window and stripes tasks - Entering and delete data, copy and paste - Design Workbook, naming, defining the width of columns and rows, formatting cells and ranges of cells - Moving, removal of cells and sheets - Writing formulas performing calculations on the data - Presenting data , creating graphs - Printing the entire sheet and a sheet of selected data from the Purchaser has a computer room equipped with 10 sets of computer (with Windows XP and Microsoft Office), network printer, laptop, projector. 7) In conducting theoretical required of the contractor to prepare training materials in an attractive form of media (in the form of a multimedia presentation). Contractor after the course has to be photocopies of invoices or invoice confirming the purchase of materials for the amount quoted in the tender form. 9) The Contractor shall provide the classes by skilled staff with the appropriate professional education. The term of the course Purchaser shall determine, in consultation with the Contractor, immediately after signing the contract. Documentation from the course of the course: 1) The Contractor shall carry out at the end of the course evaluation survey, and will analyze the results and conclusions of the Employer shall provide with the service delivery protocol. 186). 186), documentation on the course, in particular: a) a curriculum that includes: - the name of the forms of education - the duration, the number of hours of education and how it is organized, - prerequisites for participants - learning objectives and methods of achieving them, taking account of the methods used, - curriculum specifies the name of the classes and their dimension - learning content for particular activities, - a description of the learning outcomes - a list of literature and the necessary means and materials. b) daily activities, containing the names of the participants, the number of hours of classes and subjects, c) records of issued certificates confirming completion of the course including: name, address and social security number, date of issue, number and acknowledgment of receipt. 4) The Contractor shall exercise supervision over the attendance of current participants by drawing up a list of names of the presence of listeners bearing their signatures.

With the installation of artistic Wyczolkowski on the road with their installation in places indicated by the Purchaser.

 | Published December 5, 2014  -  Deadline December 12, 2014
45223100, 09331200, 45111200, 45223200, 45233222, 45421160, 45441000

1. The contract (performance art installations) With Wyczolkowski on the way to perform services consisting of: a) the installation of solar panels 90W, b) surveying c) the execution of information boards with installation of glass fittings, consisting of: - reproductions ( canvas, canvas, printing, impregnation) - ornamental frame images were bound together with - construction safety glass plate (holder to reproduce, black steel grille, the supporting structure with screen battery rotule mounting battery power) and execution of work including: d) Manually removing a layer of fertile soil (humus) with a thickness of 15 cm from the turf with metastasis e) Manual dismantling cobble stone pavement with sand ballasted f) Dismantling of sidewalks, islets stops and crosswalks with concrete slabs 35x35x5 cm on the ballast cement-sand g) Renovation cobble stone pavement with irregular height of 10 cm on the ballast cement-sand. h) The renovation of the pavement with concrete slabs 35x35x5 cm on the ballast cement-sand mortar joints filled with cement and) Manual wąskoprzestrzenne or cavernous trenches with slopes of bottom width up to 1.5 m and a depth up to 1.5 m with the submission of spoil to spoil (Cat. I-II ground ) j) Implementation of rectangular reinforced concrete footings, with a volume of 0.5 m3 - manual mixing concrete 2. Object of the contract should be implemented in accordance with the technical documentation (Part V ToR), the technical specification (Part III ToR) and the Detailed guidelines of the service (part VI ToR). 3. During the execution of the contract the Contractor is obliged to preserve the health and safety regulations and fire protection. 4. These included documentation, product names / products pointing to a particular manufacturer is only an example of their use in the execution of the contract and should not be construed as obliging, because in no way they bind the Contractor. 881 as amended.) And its implementing legislation and for general use in the construction industry. 21, as amended.), And in particular is responsible and obligated to management of this waste. Contractor has the obligation, under pain of rejection of the tender, included in the tender the following documents: a) a statement that an offer was made equivalent, and that the proposed changes meet all the requirements specified by the Purchaser in the Terms of Reference and technical documentation, b) a list of changes that contains an exact description of the changes for the equivalent of the materials used. The Employer will not check or improved estimate of the Contractor assuming correctly stated the total inclusive price in the form of a proposal.

Medical practice and related services

Komenda Wojewódzka Policji w Bydgoszczy | Published February 18, 2015  -  Deadline March 2, 2015
85120000, 85140000

The contract is for: the provision of medical services including screening of people detained for the District Police Headquarters in Lipno, the District Police Headquarters in Nakło n / Notecią, the Municipal Police in Bydgoszcz, the District Police Headquarters in Mogilno. Execution of the medical examination of a detained person meets the conditions set forth in § 1 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of 09.13.2012 on the medical examination of persons detained by the Police (Journal of Laws of 2012. Pos. 1102), and to be placed in the room for detainees, issuance of a medical certificate for the absence or existence of medical contraindications to stay detained person in the room for detainees with justification, as well as healing and reviving a prescription for the necessary medication. Estimated amount of research: • Task 1 (KPP in Lipno) - 900 • Problem # 2 (CPP in Nakło n / Notecią) - 950 • Problem # 3 (KMP Bydgoszcz) - 6 090, • Task No. 4 (KPP Mogilno ) - 600, - blood donation (no analytical) of a person in custody and preparation of blood collection protocol - the estimated number of blood donations: • Task 1 (KPP in Lipno) - 100 • Problem # 2 (CPP in Nakło n / Notecią) - 150 • Problem # 3 (KMP Bydgoszcz) - 260 • Task No. 4 (KPP Mogilno) - 70. Package blood sampling protocol printing provide each Purchaser. low amount of services rendered, as defined above, were adopted by the contracting authority estimated in order to calculate the bid price by the contractor and shall not be the basis for claims by the contractor in case of a smaller number of orders on the contract facility (object), which will be performed medical services, for referred to in Chapter III, section 1 point 1-2 must be located within the city limits: - Task No. 1 (KPP in Lipno) - Lipno - Problem # 2 (CPP in Nakło n / Notecią) - Nakła n / Notecią - Task No. 3 (KMP Bydgoszcz) - Bydgoszcz - Task No. 4 (KPP Mogilno) - Mogilno.

Computer equipment and supplies

Komenda Wojewódzka Policji w Bydgoszczy | Published April 14, 2017  -  Deadline May 22, 2017
30200000, 30213000, 30214000, 30213100, 30232000, 30231300, 32420000, 30236000, 48771000, 48620000, 48610000, 48900000, 48761000, 48322000, 48100000, 30237200, 30237100

The contract is for the supply of hardware, software and computer components for the Regional Police Headquarters in Bydgoszcz.

CPV code: 30213000-5, 30214000-2, 30213100-6, 30232000-4, 30231300-0, 32420000-3, 30236000-2, 48771000-3, 4862000-0, 48610000-7, 48900000-7, 48761000-0 , 48322000-1, 48900000-7, 48100000-9, 30237200-1, 30237200-1, 30237100-0

The offer can be submitted for all lots.

A detailed description of the order for each task (Appendix 2 hereto), contains the minimum parameters and technical requirements, which is to correspond offered equipment, components and software.

Table 1: hardware-CPU (configuration A) - 43 pcs.

Table 2: komputerowy- workstation equipment - 51 pcs.

Laptop - 28 pcs.

A4 color inkjet printer, or the equivalent printer for printing technology: laser / LED - 13 pcs.

Inkjet printer or a monochrome printer with a printing technology: laser / LED - 43 pcs.

Multifunction Inkjet-A4 Color copier, printer, fax, scanner or MFP with print technology: laser / LED / configuration of A / - 16 pcs.

Multifunction Inkjet Color A4 / A3-copier, printer, fax, scanner or MFP with print technology: laser / LED / B configuration / - 5 pcs.

A4 mobile inkjet printer, photo printing - 3 pcs,

A4 desktop scanner - 3 pieces.

LCD / LED / - 94 pcs.

LCD Monitor 24 "LED Anti-Glare - 5 pcs.

LCD Monitor 27 "LED Anti-Glare - 2 pcs.

Monitor 50 "LED with the function of receiving video - 2 pcs.

1.Przełącznik Gigabit Ethernet / rack, Layer2 and Layer3 / - 8 pcs.

Gigabit Ethernet / desktop / - 10 pcs.

Equipment specially designed for testing digital video recorders:

Tableu TK35u blocker - 2 pcs.

MSAB Write Protect Card Reder - 4 pcs.

Office suite MS Office 2016 Standard / Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook / version for companies, GOV OPEN GB version or other equivalent office suite - 130 licenses

R18-01636 Windows Server CAL Software Assurance Government OPEN 1 License No Level Device CAL - Software Assurance for a minimum of 24 months - 510 licenses

9EM-00229 Windows Server Standard Core Software Assurance Government OLP No Level 2 Licenses CoreLic - Software Assurance for a minimum of 24 months - 72 licenses

228-04510 SQL Server Standard Edition Software Assurance Government OPEN No Level - Software Assurance for a minimum of 24 months - 1 license

359-01385 SQL CAL Software Assurance Government OPEN 1 License No Level Device CAL - Software Assurance for a minimum of 24 months - 10 licenses

9EA-00233 Windows Server Datacenter Core Software Assurance Government OLP 2 Licenses No Level Qualified CoreLic - 16 licenses.

RHODES GOLD - Plan for 2017 to update informants price (on electronic media):

- Eurocenbud - RMS, CPK, CRB

- Sekocenbud - RMS

the cost estimate for the Gold Rhodes for 10 licenses: 2958, 4714, 6508, 7674, 8393, 8394, 6112, 8449, 11996, 12215 for the Regional Police Headquarters in Bydgoszcz.

Maintaining the database and system costing RHODES for 10 posts

Subscribe to 2017 on the set of publications on CD Seko - BCA, BCD, BCP, BCO, WKI 1 license.

Update your antivirus software Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Select - Unlimited license.

Software PDF-Xchange Pro 6 graphics conversion and MS Office documents to PDF - 2 licenses

Cyborg Software v.2.0 Idea Plan; upgrade to 3D - 4 Licenses

Cyborg Software v.1.0 Idea Plan; upgrade to 3D - 1 license

3D - 1 license

Software Pinnacle Studio 19 Ultimate Box GB - 2 licenses.

X-Ways Forensics - an extension of one year of maintenance - 9 licenses

HX-Recovery for DVR - 1 license

Forensic - updated to version MOBILedit Express - 1 license

Paraben Email Examiner - subscription renewal for one year - 1 license

Virtual Computing Foreensic 3 continuation, and updated support for 1 year - 1 license

Internet Evidence Finder Bundle -kontynuacja, update, and support for one year - 1 license

NetAnalisys software license upgrade to version NetAnaysis Dongle v2 - 1 license.

Software Altaro Hyper-V Backup Unlimited Edition or an equivalent product - 2 licenses.

7.0 - 200 pcs.

Gel foil - 1 pc.

Memory stick Pen Drive 16GB USB 3.0 - 25 pcs.

Memory stick Pen Drive 128 GB USB 3.0 - 1 pc.

Memory stick Pen Drive 32GB USB 3.0 - 4 pcs.

Power supply 230 / 5V, 3A / USB / - 4 pcs.

1TB USB - 10

2 TB USB - 4 pcs.

A printing device - DYMO Labelmanager units 280 -1.

USB3.0 - 8 pcs.

The docking station for HDD 2.5 "and 3.5" - 1 pc.

USB 3.0 4 TB - 2 pcs.

CLOUD 2700R - 15 pcs.

.Wykonanie Services for project Projects plans of protection tasks for the Natura 2000 areas in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Mazowieckie involving the printed newsletter.

 | Published November 27, 2014  -  Deadline December 5, 2014

1. The contract is for a service consisting in the printed newsletter for the promotion of the project projects protection tasks plans for Natura 2000 areas in Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Mazowieckie carried out in the Department of Development and Environmental Protection Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering at the University of Technology Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz, co-financed by the European Union European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2007-2013 and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. 2. The service includes: execution and delivery by the Contractor in the electronic version of the newsletter graphic design acceptable to the Employer (based on materials provided by the customer, ie. The content and images); After accepting the Contractor shall design and provide subject matter of the contract at its own expense and risk to the place indicated below; After completing the delivery object of the agreement will be forwarded to the Purchaser under the protocol of delivery. Delivery protocol Contractor shall prepare and submit to the Employer signature. 3. Place of delivery of printed newsletters: Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering, Department of Development and Environmental Protection, ul. Dry 9, 85-789 Bydgoszcz.

Delivery color copier A3 ..

 | Published November 14, 2014  -  Deadline November 24, 2014

The contract is for the supply of color A3 copier with duplex-printing, copying, scanning and faxing. Employer allows the submission of tenders for the copier is used on the state of the counters less than 12,000 pages of A4 mono and less than 21,000 A4 color. The copier should have the ability to connect to the network. Delivery comprises: providing a subject of the contract by the Contractor at his own expense and risk to the place indicated by the Employer; installation and commissioning Job Training and instruction in the use and maintenance of equipment in the premises of the Employer; the equipment will be transferred to the Purchaser pursuant to the Protocol of delivery. The Contractor shall prepare the delivery protocol and submit it for signature by the Purchaser ..

The contract is for the supply of computer equipment, ie. Computers, notebooks, scanners, network, disk shelf matrix owned by the Purchaser to the disk array disks owned by the customer, network printers, backup software, windows and office software. A detailed description of technical parameters is given in Annex 2 to the tender documents.

 | Published December 15, 2014  -  Deadline December 23, 2014
30200000, 30213100, 30232100, 48000000, 38520000, 37453300

1. Shelf Storage Array Fujitsu DX90S2 - 1 pc. 2. Fujitsu drives to the array DX90S2 - 20 pcs. 3.Komputer - 50 pcs. 4.Notebook - 25 pcs. 5.Skaner Network - 15 pcs. 6.Skaner network of the possibility of printing - 1 p. 7. Laser Printer - 5 pcs. 8.Office 2013 H & B - 100 pcs. 9.Windows 7 Pro x64 - 3 pcs. 10.Arcserv - 4 pcs ..

Peripheral equipment

Komenda Wojewódzka Policji w Bydgoszczy | Published October 20, 2017  -  Deadline November 28, 2017
30232000, 30213000, 30213100

1. The subject of the order is the delivery of IT equipment for the needs of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Bydgoszcz.

2. CPV Code: 30213000-5, 30213100-6, 30232000-4

3. The order includes 6 tasks for which the Purchaser accepts the possibility of submitting partial tenders:

a) Task No. 1 Desktop PC class (configuration A)

b) Task # 2 PC desktop (configuration B)

c) Task # 3 Laptop Computer (Configuration A)

d) Task No. 4 Laptop Computer (Configuration B)

e) Task No. 5 Peripheral Equipment

f) Task No. 6 Peripheral Equipment

4. Total number of pieces: 425 (+ 50 pieces under option right).

Delivery of PC desktop PC (configuration A) 1 pc.

Delivery of a desktop PC (configuration B) 1 pc.

Delivery of laptop computer (configuration A) 1 piece.

Delivery of laptop computer (configuration B) 354 pieces (+30 pieces under the right option).

Delivery of peripheral equipment (multifunctional free-standing color printer A4 / A3-printing / copying / scanning / fax printing in laser / LED or ink technology) 14 pieces (+ 10 pieces under option).

Supply of peripheral equipment (multifunctional free-standing color A4-printing / copying / scanning / faxing in laser / LED or inkjet printing technology) 54 pieces (+10 pieces under the option right).

Ink cartridges

11 Wojskowy Oddział Gospodarczy | Published December 31, 2016
MULTIKOM Adam Papierski

The contract are: the gradual delivery of consumables for printing devices, copiers and multifunction listed in Annexes 1 - 3 to the Terms of Reference.

According to Annex 1 to the Terms of Reference.

In accordance with Appendix 2 hereto.

According to Annex 3 of the ToR.

Ink cartridges

11 Wojskowy Oddział Gospodarczy | Published November 24, 2015
Neoprint Witold Burdzy

Gradual supplies of consumables for printing devices, copiers and multifunction listed in Annexes 1 - 3 to terms of reference.

Ink cartridges

11 Wojskowy Oddział Gospodarczy | Published July 28, 2015  -  Deadline September 2, 2015

The contract is: Gradual supplies of consumables for printing devices, copiers and multifunction listed in Appendices 1 - 3 to terms of reference.

Printing and related services

Izba Skarbowa w Bydgoszczy | Published October 4, 2016
Galaxy Systemy Informatyczne sp. z o.o.

The contract is for service outsourcing including print, copy and scan documents.

Printing and related services

Izba Skarbowa w Bydgoszczy | Published April 20, 2016  -  Deadline May 30, 2016

The contract is for service outsourcing including print, copy and scan documents.

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