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Packaging materials for the food distribution.

Växjö kommun | Published April 18, 2014
TechPack in Scandinavia ABIndustrigatan 25Örkelljunga 286 36
44618100, 31213100, 33772000

The contract relates to suborder of packaging materials for food distribution and blanket of sealing and packaging machines.

Packaging materials for the food distribution.

Karlskrona kommun | Published April 19, 2014  -  Deadline June 2, 2014
44617100, 39221130, 42921300, 42921320, 44618100, 50000000

The contract relates to packaging for distribution of food, service of packaging and rental of packaging machines. The contract involving seven (7) pieces of kitchen. The purpose of this procurement is to get a contractor with overall responsibility. That is, the supplier shall be fully responsible for equipment and materials to cater to all the packing of food quality assurance in such a manner that no disturbance occurs.

Delivery of packaging (126/15)

SYSAV, Sydskånes avfallsaktiebolag | Published May 11, 2015  -  Deadline June 17, 2015
33141123, 19640000, 44616200, 44617000

Procurement of packaging for smittförande- and hazardous waste.

Packaging Project 2013.

SKL Kommentus Inköpscentral AB | Published October 18, 2013  -  Deadline December 16, 2013

The contract is part of a project which aims to reduce the drug mix-ups in health care and includes electrolytes and cephalosporins, divided into nine tender areas. Bidders must for those areas for which the offer also includes preparing a proposal for the design of new packaging. Estimated volume amounts to about 45 million / year. After that framework agreements have been concluded, the proposed packaging is formally approved in accordance with applicable regulations. All county councils / regions are suborders.

Packaging machine (DU UPP15-0124)

Västmanlands läns landsting | Published November 12, 2015  -  Deadline December 22, 2015
42921300, 42200000, 42921320

Packaging machine for packing the food boxes.

Food in consumer packaging.

Karlshamns kommun | Published March 18, 2016
Lågpris i Ronneby Aktiebolag
15800000, 39831000, 39831200

The contract is intended to ensure contracting authorities need of food in the consumer packaging, as well as laundry and cleaning products to Municipality Cooperation Cura Individual development during the agreement period. Karlshamn appreciate purchasing 1 million. Per year.

Municipal Cooperation Cura Individual Development estimates the purchase of about 900 thousand per year. For Karlshamn Municipality's procurement complements the municipality's agreement on food. With complementary purchases meant the purchase of the store to the municipality's smaller units, where the municipality does not have meal service, and products that can not be provided in a suitable package size.

The contract also included the purchase of educational purpose. For Cura Individual development aimed contract to cover the needs of the food in smaller packages, so-called consumer packaging as well as washing and cleaning products in consumer packaging.

Packaging materials for the food distribution (15/9)

Ronneby kommun | Published April 29, 2015  -  Deadline June 8, 2015
39220000, 39221000, 39221130, 44618100

The contract relates to a packaging material for food distribution, and rental and service of packaging machines.

Packaging for foods (1078 / 2015-100)

Båstads kommun | Published February 25, 2016  -  Deadline March 17, 2016
44618100, 19520000, 39221130, 44618000

The contract covers the municipality's need for food packaging materials.

Packaging (No. 2015-00404)

SVERIGES RIKSBANK | Published June 1, 2015  -  Deadline July 10, 2015
44613400, 18937100, 44143000, 44617000, 44618100

The Riksbank has decided to procure packaging for transporting coins and provide these to BDBs depots in connection with 1-, 2- and 5-krona coins replaced during the years 2016 and 2017. The contract includes pallet, collar, cap, Strapping and locks around pallet (packing).

Sterile packaging and chemical indicators for sterilizers.

Landstinget Kronoberg | Published September 25, 2013
OneMed Sverige ABBox 50Göteborg 401 20
33198200, 24327000, 24960000, 33696300

Sterilization Packaging, damp paper, protective bags, indicator tape, sterilization pouches and chemical indicators for sterilizers.

Food in consumer packaging.

Ängelholms kommun | Published February 28, 2014  -  Deadline March 31, 2014
15000000, 15800000, 15820000, 15821200, 15842000, 15842300, 15842310, 15894200, 15894300

The contract is intended to cover the municipality's need for food in small packages, so-called consumer packaging. The municipality has units that are in need to buy food in a package with delivery due to, for example, limited storage space. The municipality has some entities carrying cafe business where there is a need to be able to buy in kiosk products such as ready meals, cakes and sweets. Complementary purchases in stores and purchase educational purposes are also covered by the contract. Buy for educational purposes meant that staff along with users make purchases in stores.

Food packaging materials (KS 2015/935)

Ängelholms Kommun | Published November 13, 2015  -  Deadline December 23, 2015
19520000, 39221130, 39222100

Includes Ängelholm municipality and Örkelljunga Municipality's need for food packaging materials to be shipped out in portions.

Packaging materials for food distribution (2015-41)

Kalmar kommun | Published December 14, 2015
39221130, 19520000, 39222100, 44618100

The inquiry concerns the client's need for packaging materials for food distribution for the gradual withdrawal during the term

2014 Sterile Packaging department Instruments (15/8)

Norrbottens läns landsting | Published March 27, 2015  -  Deadline May 4, 2015
33000000, 33140000

This contract relates to a framework contract for sterile packaging and department Instruments (consumables) for successive call off to hospitals in Norrbotten County Council.

packaging and related services

Landstinget i Kalmar län | Published October 20, 2012
Apoteket AB SE-118 81 Stockholm SWEDEN Telephone: +46 104415000 Internet address: Fax: +46 104475515
60000000, 79920000, 85149000

Upphandlingen avser dosdispensering av ordinerade läkemedel i öppenvård samt leverans av dessa till apotek och/eller andra utlämingsställen.

Emptying and transport of packaging and recyclables second

Region Gotland | Published March 9, 2016
Ragn-Sells Aktiebolag
90500000, 90510000, 90512000

The contract relates to safe and environmentally disposal and transport of sorted waste, mainly packaging with the producer as well as newspapers, waste paper, cardboard, colored and clear glass from the garbage and recycling stations in Region Gotland's property portfolio.

Food and household items in consumer packaging (2015KS188)

Härryda kommun | Published May 21, 2015  -  Deadline June 30, 2015
15000000, 03220000, 03310000, 15100000, 15300000, 15500000, 15810000, 15850000, 15860000, 15894700, 31510000, 33600000, 33700000, 39831200

The contract relates to food and household items in consumer packaging from the online store. The agreement covers the online store's catalog and regular prices. Other assortment as tobacco, newspapers and so on are not covered by this procurement.

UH 2016-10 Packaging hazardous waste (FA) (UH 2016-10)

Söderhalls Renhållningsverk Aktiebolag (SÖRAB) | Published July 1, 2016  -  Deadline September 2, 2016
44619000, 18930000, 44143000, 44423330, 44610000, 44613400, 44617100

The contract relates to packaging for hazardous waste (FA).

Drain and transport of packaging and recyclable materials (2013-143)

Region Gotland | Published March 16, 2015  -  Deadline April 27, 2015
90500000, 90510000, 90512000

The contract relates safe and environmentally disposal and transport of sorted waste, mainly packaging producer responsibility and waste paper, cardboard, colored and clear glass from the garbage and recycling stations in Region Gotland's property portfolio.

Food and household goods in consumer packaging.

Härryda kommun | Published March 11, 2016  -  Deadline April 18, 2016
15000000, 15500000, 15800000, 33760000, 39830000

Härryda municipality implements a framework agreement procurement. Härryda municipality invites bidders to tender in accordance with this inquiry. The agreement covers the Supplier's total assortment of food and household goods in consumer packaging. Härryda municipality need for smaller package sizes underlying contract. The supplier must be able to offer physical store, online store, or both store types. The Agreement shall not replace or restrict the Härryda municipality's existing framework contracts for similar goods.