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Printing services for Agder Kollektivtrafikk AS (AKT).

Vest-Agder fylkeskommune (Vest-Agder County) | Published October 9, 2015  -  Deadline November 20, 2015
79824000, 22000000, 22300000, 22460000, 79800000, 79823000

Printing services. The contract will primarily include: 1. Printing/copying; 2. Plotting; 3. Electronic file management; 4. Design/redesign; 5. Completion; 6. Facilitation and sorting; 7. Distribution.

Printing Services.

Universitetet i Agder [University of Agder] | Published March 16, 2016  -  Deadline April 25, 2016
22000000, 22900000, 22800000, 22400000, 22100000

The University of Agder shall enter into an agreement with a provider that can provide printing services such as, production of catalogues, brochures, placards, posters, programmes, examination papers and other printed matter the University requires.

The duration of the framework agreement period is 2 years. The Contracting authority shall have the option to prolong the framework agreement for a further 2 years, altogether 4 years.

Contract award for external printing

Kristiansand kommune [Kristiansand municipality] | Published October 4, 2016
79824000, 64216000, 64216100, 79920000, 79921000

Kristiansand kommune has entered into agreement for the delivery of printing services and sending approx. 370 000 invoice and reminder forms and approx. 25 000 wage slips/wage compilations (annual settlement).

Kristiansand municipality, c/o the Accounts and Payroll Unit, is responsible for keeping the accounts for 35 companies.

File transfers of invoice and reminder forms will be made continually, but not necessarily every day. The number of invoice forms will be approx. 330 000 divided between 3 companies, whilst there will be approx. 40 000 reminder forms from 14 companies. There will be invoice and reminder forms from different units within each company.

The wage slip file will be transferred monthly from one company on approx. 15th of every month. There will be approx. 22 500 wage slips and approx. 2 500 wage compilations.

Kristiansand municipality is gradually going over to digital post. The contract period is therefore subject to invoices being sent digitally via the KS system SvarUt as well as using the integrated printing services that is connected to the same system. The proportion that are sent as e-invoices to digital postboxes will also probably increase.

See the requirements tab, point 3, for further information on the provision of the service.

Printing Shopping Services Kilden

Kilden Teater- og konserthus | Published December 18, 2014
07 Sør AS
22100000, 22000000, 22140000, 22150000, 22160000, 22816100

The purpose of the contract is to enter into an agreement with one or two professional (s) provider (s) covering the principal ongoing need printing services connection. production of profiling and informasjonsamateriell (eg program book, program magazine, flyers, posters etc).

Promotional articles and publications

Nye Veier | Published February 3, 2016  -  Deadline February 23, 2016
22462000, 22000000, 22460000

Promotional articles and publications for various purposes for NyeVeier. Includes

profiling materials, signs, business cards, press, printing, foil stamping mm. Must be able to

deliver to all places where NyeVeier has operations (development areas and


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