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Printed books

Syddansk Universitet | Published October 29, 2015
Starkmann Limited
22110000, 22113000

Purchase of printed books to Southern University and Southern University. There will be four lots, where per. Partial Agreement entered into agreement with one supplier: 1. Danish and Greenlandic releases second Nordic releases excl. Danish 3. Publications from English-speaking countries 4. Releases from Western European countries excl. Great Britain and Ireland.

Advertising and marketing services

Odense Kommune | Published October 28, 2017  -  Deadline November 27, 2017
79340000, 92111200

The offer relates to the purchase of graphic services to all the units and institutions of the municipality of Odense.

The tender is divided into the following sub-agreements:

- -Delivery 1: Information and marketing videos

- -Delivery 2: Communication services.

Offers can be submitted for 1 or both lots.

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The message must be clear with or without sound, depending on the need in relation to the media etc.

The videos must be able to be produced to various media, including social media, cinema, TV spots, digital advertising bars and bus shades, depending on the customer's needs.

The supplier must thus be able to provide a comprehensive information and marketing effort, including, for example, could provide strategic advice as well as produce the products desired for this effort.

The supplier must be able to:

- Provide strategic advice.

- Make graphic design and subsequent production (including in the form of various printing services, large format printing, signs, etc.).

- Develop information and marketing concepts where more products / media are included.

- Produce videos and animations in connection with the total effort.

- Low copy of the text.

- Create digital and viral marketing, which is audience-specific.

- Create web design, including app's, programming of websites and the like.

Including design and setup of a dedicated flyer, or development of a marketing strategy and subsequent preparation of communications products.

The supplier must deliver everything from idea generation meetings, general correspondence, idea papers, meetings, design discussion, delivery of final product (s) and a program of what has been agreed upon.

Electromechanical equipment

Syddansk Universitet | Published June 30, 2015

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark has just erected new laboratories. In this respect, purchased an electromechanical pressure / tensile machine and a printing machine for concrete cylinders. The university has the following equipment requirements: Pressure / pull machine - Must be electromechanical. - Must be able to provide a compressive and tensile force of up to 1,200 kN. - Must have hydraulic 'grips' retention of test subjects. - The ground clearance between the hydraulic 'grips' must be min. 2 m, the bottom has to be removable. - Fribredden between pillars must be min. 1.2 m. - Must have the ability to install a beam so that there can be made bending tests with beams and one-way slabs. - Must have the ability to integrate video recording. - Must have a standard interface to the HBM Quantum X and GOM ARAMIS. - Must be able to change the speed during the trial by a manual input, without it being predetermined. - The software should make it possible to simulate experiments on remote computers. - The software must be delivered with Campus license that allows and rights to install software on the students' own laptops. - The supplier must have proven experience of a machine that meets the above specifications. Press Machine for concrete cylinders - Must be with the same software as pressure / tensile machine. - Must be able to provide a compressive force of up to 3 MN.
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