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Various office equipment and supplies

MÁV Szolgáltató Központ Zrt. | Published December 31, 2016  -  Deadline February 7, 2017
30190000, 30191000, 30192000, 30193000, 30197000

Delivery of stationery and office supplies (MÁV, MÁV Zrt Service Centre. And Záhony-Port Zrt., MÁV-Start Zrt..).

Delivery of stationery and office supplies (MÁV, MÁV Zrt Service Centre. And Záhony-Port MÁV-Start Zrt. Zrt..) As part of purchase framework agreement.

MÁV Zrt. Extent of total net 238 415 018 HUF envelope (containing 60% of the allocation option, which is expressed throughout the forint net 143 049 010 HUF).

The MÁV-START Zrt. Extent of total net 196 691 238 HUF envelope (containing 60% of the allocation option, which is expressed throughout the forint net 118 014 742 HUF).

58,145,556 HUF net total allocation to the extent of MÁV Center Zrt. (Contains 60% of the allocation option, which is expressed in the whole net HUF 34,887,333 HUF).

The Záhony Port Zrt. Extent of total net 765 801 HUF envelope (containing 60% of the allocation option, which is expressed in the whole net HUF 459 480 HUF).

..., MÁV-Start Zrt and MÁV Zrt MÁV Zrt RS for the place of performance:

end-use performance space defined by the case of orders throughout Contracting (s) in Hungary.

For Záhony-Port Co. Ltd. of performance. 4625 Záhony, the map of Europe under title 12.

The call for additional procurement documents (hereinafter referred to as KD) indicated below.

For detailed information about the product fully in the KD-enter.

The list of products subject to the proceedings:

Pencil, Feeder Z-stack, Signature Books, Árazószalagok, Stamp replacement pads, stamp inks, stamp pads, Binder clips, Celluxtépő, Date Stamps, Divider Strips, Slip Sheet, etiquette, Clipboard, Tape, Markers, flipchart irótömbök, Filing, Filing and carriage, booklets, paper clips, paper clip holders, Genothermek, Pen deposits, Ballpoint pens, pins, Grafitironok, elastic folders, loose-leaf binder, Clay, Plasticine Glue, ring calendar insert packages, Ring calendars, ring binder, ring binder insert pocket diary Backside, perks, CORRECTION, Indigos, Document clip, Paperclip, shredder, Iratpapucsok , Binders, File rails, Document Tray, Filing, Ironbetétek, pen holder, Notepads, marking labels, Signaling Crete, staple remover, Hand package sealing machines, dice block, Körcimkék, Paint markers, laminating film, laminator Lefűzőlapocska, letter openers, Laser Pointer, punching, punching machines, magnetic white board markers , Miltonkapocs, Sample Bags, Monitor Cleaning spray, indexes, plastic spirals, drawing sheets, Naptárhátak, calendar pads, card holders, Business card holder inserts, Lanyards, Nyomósironok, Scissors, Önátírótömb, paper baskets, cork boards, Snap filing bags, Cash Register Roll, Pixironok, Pólyás folders, erasers, adhesives, Tapes, drawing pins, registers, Rostirónok, Rovatolt papers, Speditőr calendar, Spiral fronts, spiral notebook, Binding, Tape irományfedelek, calculators, Szivacstál, Highlighters, Táblafilcek, Táblafilc with 4-inch + sponge + rack, board chalk blackboard magnet, Negotiation diary, map pin, cleaning cloth, pencil cup, erase boards, needle felt, Staplers, Staples, Refills error correction Roller, cutters, and zip folders, Removable stickers, rulers, pocket calendar, Jelly bowl (ujjnedvesítő) Gel pens, crayons.

Railway maintenance or service vehicles

Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurti Vasút Zrt. | Published March 24, 2017  -  Deadline April 11, 2017

Purchase of rail maintenance and repair of vehicles.

Purchase of rail maintenance and installation vehicles in the procurement documents (the technical description, ie Technical Conditional booklets, as well as preliminary conceptual model permits) in accordance.

Main quantities:

- 1 overhead rail mounting vehicle

- 1 universal vehicle,

- 3 rail trailer.

For these reasons, the principle of effective and responsible use of public funds by ensuring get damaged parts.

In order to accurately contracting by simplifying these procedures to trigger the procurement procedure documents as meaning that all vehicles in respect of the same bidders are required to megajánlani delivery time, as well as for each type of vehicle warranty, extended warranty and megajánlás late penalty is the same.

According to the definition Treaty (Kbt.50 § (1) e.) points): Purchase Contract.

III.1.7) point: The vehicles include consideration of the allegation vehicles too will the value of the services covered by the draft contract and, in particular, but not limited to the following costs:

- Transportation and insurance,

- Production, installation, test,

- Preparation of related documentation,

- Crew training;

- Preparation of documentation, translation,

- The official authorization,

- Required software against the value of your subscription,

- Maintenance services and other transport documents specified Conditional Booklet for that type of vehicle counter value,

- Together with all other products, services, obligations under the EC Treaty.

Cargo handling and storage services

Országos Tisztifőorvosi Hivatal | Published January 7, 2017  -  Deadline February 15, 2017
63100000, 63120000, 60000000

The object of the procurement, "the purchase of vaccine distribution service for the Office of the Chief Medical Officer for 3 years as part of a distribution agreement."

Under the contract has been awarded distributor agreement and supplementary services responsible for distribution service provision II.2.4 of this notice. as well as the procurement of documents II. chapter in accordance with the technical specifications.

During distribution service contracting at its disposal, it has been purchased and to be purchased, but not yet available vaccines continued +2 for the duration of the contract - that do not require cooling in cold chain +8 oC temperature by providing transportation, and vaccines for accompanying products (syringes , needles, vaccination booklets, documentation for vaccination or vaccine) in the procurement documents II.9. given in section 126 of title Delivery (minimum possible change of address), and the related provision of additional services as appropriate.

Under Additional amenities vaccines + 2 - Storing accompanying products able to +8 ° C temperature continuously ensured by instrumentally controlled cooling warehouse storage, storage and associated transport logistics and accounting tasks that refrigeration for vaccines that do not require understood.

The contract is not subject to import vaccines procured from abroad, carrying out of customs.

The number of delivery occasions per year:

be completed in 14 days;

- Occasional delivery of titles to less than 20% of the monthly average of 1-2 times.

In extreme cases, vaccines and accompanying products do not require refrigeration associated within two working days, cases of extreme urgency (non-working days as well) institutions should be delivered to the customer within 24 hours.

amount received or to be procured through other procedures by contracting a vaccine which is the subject of the distribution:

- Stock 1.1.2017. was expected: Due to the international shortage of vaccines into storage do not exactly be scheduled in advance,

- In the year 2017 is likely to amount received vaccines: 1.84 million doses,

- In the year 2018 is likely to amount received vaccines: 1.4 million doses,

- In the year 2019 is likely to amount received vaccines: 1.225 million doses,

- Optional vaccines procured quantity: 1.52925 million doses,

- Other, due to the epidemiological situation procured .: 45 000 doses of vaccine heaven.

Bidder should have by the time the contract is required to fulfill the contract following the storage and transport capacity:

a) at least one, the amount of notice set out in section II.2.4) II.3 vaccines of the documentation as detailed in store at a time suitable for the total amount of storage, capable of 2-8 ° C temperature continuously provide at least 500 m3 of free size instrumentally verified cold store;

b) capable of holding at least 1, at least 50 m2 floor space, cooling, requiring no accompanying products, dry storage space;

the ability c) at least two of the vaccines suitable for the transport of 2-8 ° C temperature continuously provide refrigerator truck.

A) to c) above with respect to contract the tenderer must submit to the performance of available cold store or the dry store a description and a copy of the vehicle registration certificates.

The statement relating to these in the tender should be submitted.

Have a valid contractor GYEMSZI (NIP) is licensed to repackage medicines, it shall declare in its offer.

A detailed technical description of the public talk. dok.ok II. section of the city.

The method of carrying out the functions of a central on-call medical outcome of the settlement parts for Hajduboszormeny City Information booklet for adult and pediatric population

Hajdúböszörményi ESZ_V Egészségügyi Szolgáltató és Vagyonkezelő Nonprofit Kft. | Published July 13, 2016
Országos Orvosi Ügyelet Nonprofit Kft.

The method of carrying out the functions of a central on-call medical outcome of the settlement parts for Hajduboszormeny City Information booklet for adult and pediatric population

1 no. supply of project-related tasks and information on PR contract modification - - "Tisza Rakamaz line of defense between the development of the left bank of the Tisza Tiszafüred"

Tiszántúli Vízügyi Igazgatóság | Published January 29, 2016
Tova-Tex Kiadói, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Bt.

"Tisza development line of defense left bank of the river Tisza Tiszafüred - Between Rakamaz (TOP - 2.1.1 / 2F / 09-11-2011-0003) Project" Rates are relative to supply kapcsoldó PR and communication tasks in the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan, implemented in EU funding As described "Brand Book" projects and issued a guideline "Information obligations of beneficiaries" of the I-numbered in accordance with the communication package included.
Equipment used in information:
Press release sent out on starting the project and to collect press clippings: 1
Press organizing public events (celebratory events, such as foundation stone, each construction phase is completed, transfers, training, containment, etc.): 1
Preparation and placement of type "B" billboard: 2
Take a photo documentation: 1
Others: use the project to promote a positive image of communication tools, which were not detailed in the other line (.. For example, public opinion research, Furui retail, media campaigns, etc.) (description) information booklets, information on the website: 6000
Press-public organization supplying project solemn event: 1
Press release sent out of the project and the closing of collecting press clippings: 1
Upload MAP MAP project-related content: 1
Preparation and placement of type "D" Table 2

Contract award notice - "The Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden orders for printing services - 2016"

Fővárosi Állat- és Növénykert | Published January 22, 2016
Goldbox Nyomdaipari Bt.;HTS-ART Kft.;R-Copy Plus Kft.
79821000, 79800000

The Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden orders for printing services
I-II-III. Based on tender parts under the conditions specified in the tender documentation.
In order to be printing services aimed at the production of a variety of products, itemizing and the planned distribution of certain products included in the contract documents.
Contract Part I - offset: Various billboards; City Light poster
Frame Amount net 3,300,000, - HUF
II. Tender part - offset: Various forms and publications
(leaflets, booklets, tickets, business cards, lease, book)
Frame Total net 16,000,000 - HUF
III. Tender part - digital: Various posters and invitations
Frame Amount net 4,400,000, - HUF
A more detailed delivery schedule, size, color requirements of the
technical specifications which are part of tender documentation.

Recreational, cultural and sporting services

Magyar Állami Operaház | Published January 6, 2016
FrixY Kft., Nebuló-meló Iskolaszövetkezet közös ajánlattevők

According to the conclusion of a contract the contractor responsible for the Hungarian State Opera House (1,265 seats) and the Hungarian State Opera House and Erkel Theatre (maximum 1,808 seats), auditorium, cloakroom and performance of operational functions of server rooms, which includes supervision within the institutions of theatrical performances and other occasional events from the local track of, management, promotion, ticketing control. Contractor is also responsible for the program booklets for sale. Opera: an average of 26 months (but not more than 50) performance, rehearsal and other events. Erkel: an average of 25 months (but not more than 50) performance, rehearsal and other events. Children's and youth programs, chamber concerts and other recurring events: an average of 20 months (but not more than 35) presentations and other events. Contracting bidders draws attention to July, in August, as a rule there are no lectures, but other events take place. Contractor is also responsible for the sale of occasion in the Opera House (annually nearly 20,000 units), the Opera House and other events, as well as provision adopted by the Opera House events hostess duties (in the 2015/16 season-os planned 5000 hours at + 20%). The minimum number of employees during the opera theater auditorium a total of 35 people and attendant staff, while in the Erkel Theatre-edge theatrical performances are a total of 56 main auditorium and attendant personnel.

A contract to information / communication elements for making and developing nature trails within the framework of "Preservation Szárazgyepek Central Hungary", LIFE12 NAT / HU / application number 0,010,128

Duna-Ipoly Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság | Published October 19, 2015
MAM Tanácsadó Kft.
79342000, 79340000, 79821000

The object of the procurement procedure: a contract to information / communication elements for making and developing nature trails within the framework of "Preservation Szárazgyepek Central Hungary", LIFE12 NAT / HU / application number 0010128. The amount of the procurement procedure: first Leporello local residents: Large pieces of spatial information board in 2500 2 8 3 Trail information board: 13 pieces Trail 4 brochures: 12000 pcs 5. Promotional items: 7200 pcs 6th 'Rosalia' essays 'Explore' 500 7 Booklets: 4000 pcs 8 'longhorn beetle' newspaper: 15000 pcs 9. Roll-up: 6 10. Pop-ups: 1 11 Project Summary Report: 1000 pcs

Services related to printing

MÁV – Magyar Államvasutak Zrt. | Published November 27, 2015
Personal Print Nyomdaipari Szolgáltató Kft.
79820000, 79821000, 79823000

Branch of manufacture and delivery of customer defined forms of treatment for internal use. Part 1 reviews booklet without stapling booklets, printed sheets, books, blocks and fanfold forms design; Part 2 deals: cash money orders, checks for bill leaves.

EEOP supply 1.1.1. / C / 13-2013-0018 identification number of contract jobs PR mode 1

Érd és Térsége Szilárd Hulladékkezelési Önkormányzati Társulás | Published November 6, 2015
Heroes Group Kft.
79416000, 79952000, 79340000

. EEOP-1.1.1 / C / 13-2013-0018 ID No. "The Beat and Region Solid Waste Management Association of Local Governments of municipal solid waste management system of park development tool, IT modernization" project within the framework of preventive care for PR jobs Part 2: Preventive use supply of PR tasks Volume: Name Quantity (pieces) Information / trainer preparation "booklets" Preparing the tender theme of connection and their allocation of 5,000 science publications organizing the contest theme of connection and their allocation of 32,000 Waste-themed events in the Association settled-Seine educational institutions of 20 Local newspapers reporting on the awareness-raising activities 5. The contractor must take into account and properly document information obligations apply the existing Identity manual and the beneficiaries entitled actors and sustainability and gender equality commitments zájárulni to-realization. (The Support website ( of the "Visual Identity Manual" and Guidelines "bene-ciaries Information Duties" section to download.)

Contract Amendment 2 - to provide information within the framework of the DDOP-2.1.1 / EF-12-K-2012-0002 project publicity and marketing activities

Forster Gyula Nemzeti Örökségvédelmi és Vagyongazdálkodási Központ | Published November 5, 2015
Pg Up Kommunikációs és PR Iroda Kft.
79416000, 79416200, 79342000

The "historic settlement along the Cinca - Renaissance Ozora world," Pipo Castle Ozora the environment and tourism development within the framework of "project (DDOP-2.1.1 / EF-12 from 2012 to 0002-k) performance of information, publicity and marketing activities. 1. Information and publicity related tasks: a. The uniform image of Ozora Castle and communications, graphic design; b. The D-type and the panels of the New Széchenyi Plan image specifications to manufacture, site installation and transportation; c. Preparation and production of printed publications; d. Entrusted with the task of leaflets and booklets written in e.pontban dissemination; e. Dissemination organization or project presentation event for 50 people, organizing dissemination events, case studies and preparation of information (dissemination) material; f. Organization of ceremony; g. Press conference for media representatives of the organization for 20 people; h. Organizing public information events; i. Photography and photo exhibition in preparation; j. Relating to the implementation phase for preparing press releases and background materials sent; k. Press releases collecting, archiving and analysis on a quarterly basis; l. Social media presence (Facebook); m. N your own project website. Crisis Management Strategy Preparation Tasks 2. Marketing activities: a. Marketing - Creating communication strategy; b. In co-operation with media; c. Study Tour Organization; d. Preparation and production of printed publications; e. Production of information boards; f. Create a contact database.

TEE SZE - RDEAI R & D competence Unification

Széchenyi István Egyetem | Published November 5, 2015
NexCon Technológiai Kft.

(. 1.4.2) R & D competence unification - For each task the tasks covered by the project's key expertise areas: o Automotive o Material Sciences - Preparation Products Cluster, producing three arc extent - - Provision Research Management Consulting 10 times R & D activities in terms of regulations , process definitions, preparation of process descriptions: 40 Expert Day - Develop R & D system of registration and operation of 20 experts days - Develop a system to monitor R & D projects: 20 Expert Day - Science Communications professional counseling to 10 times - Publication Series - R & D booklets I-III. Planning and preparation of the manuscript content level max. 5 sheets of scope

Enterprise Framework Contract MÁV-START certain specified examinations for railway coaches according to MF-100/2014 Technical conditional booklet, running and performing Salvage Co. in patches. Consistency.

MÁV-START Vasúti Személyszállító Zrt. | Published November 9, 2015
Dunakeszi Járműjavító Kft.;Dunakeszi Járműjavító Kft.

Vállalkozási keretszerződés a MÁV-START Zrt. állagában lévő egyes, meghatározott vasúti személykocsik MF-100/2014 Műszaki feltétfüzet szerinti fővizsgáinak, futó- és balesetes javításainak elvégzése.

Internal use. hand. Print. - landscape. szerz1. mode.

MÁV Magyar Államvasutak Zrt. | Published December 14, 2015
Hivatalos Biztonsági Okmány és Jegynyomda Kft.
79820000, 79821000, 79823000

Customer specified branch of manufacture and delivery of proprietary forms of treatment. Part 1 reviews booklet without stapling booklets, printed sheets, books, blocks and fanfold forms design Quantity: net 118 500 000, - EUR, which is 40% higher allocations may change.

Performance of the functions of the Zsolnay Heritage Management Nonprofit Kft. 2015 printing services.

Zsolnay Örökségkezelő Nonprofit Kft. | Published September 16, 2015
Bolko-Print Kft.
79821000, 22100000

Products manufactured in accordance with a specified schedule based creatives provided by the contracting authority, (flyout, custom flyer, special information leaflets and unique tourist leaflets, books, image booklets, brochures, program lists, flyers, posters, invitations, postcards, business cards, pin cards), offset , rotary and digital production printing, reprinting, any work of bookbinding, packaging and delivery of finished products to the address specified by the contracting authority (s) in accordance with the specifications detailed in. A detailed description of the service documentation.

SZE - Publications - Landscape. authors. mode. II

Széchenyi István Egyetem | Published October 2, 2015
Universitas-Győr Nonprofit Kft.
79821000, 79553000

A contract to publications editing, printing carrying out under the TÁMOP-4.2.2.B-15/1 / KONV-2015-0002 project identification number. Title of publication: to be performed by the contractor shall: Quantity: print TMDK communication interface posters of Print finishing services 3 x 5 release, a total of 75 pieces, one page spread OTDK winning works poszterkiállításhoz Poster Print finishing services one appearance, 40, 1 Page Scope of John von Neumann Information Technology College associated recruitment campaign leaflets Print finishing services & Desktop Publishing 1 Publishing, 500, summary publication associated with one page Scope of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Students National Conference of Print finishing services one appearance, 300 pieces on page 36 (+ cover) Scope of Student Publications Publications Printing construction services 2 appearance, 400, page 160 (+ cover) textbook published Scope of Modern Regional Science Series Printing Service 5 Publishing, 1000, 20 arc Scope Small Monograph Publishing Service 5 Publishing, 1500, 8 arc Scope Acta Technica Jaurinensis magazine publishing services 1 appearance, 100, 450 pages (+ cover) Scope of Discourse magazine publishing services one appearance, 100, page 80 (+ cover) Scope Publishing Service 1 appearance, 100, 200 pages (+ cover) Scope of faculty / graduate school information booklets in Hungarian, English and German Print finishing services 3 x 1 appearance, a total of 500, page 2 Scope of Hungarian manuscripts (9 pieces) Publishing Service 9 x 1 appearance, a total of 900 units, 300 pages (+ cover) Scope of Research Course of essays and case studies Printing services 2 x 1 appearance, a total of 250, page 100 (+ cover) page 32 + (+ cover) Scope

Enterprise Framework Contract MÁV-START certain specified examinations for railway coaches according to MF-100/2014 Technical conditional booklet, running and performing Salvage Co. in patches. Consistency.

MÁV-START Vasúti Személyszállító Zrt. | Published September 21, 2015  -  Deadline October 15, 2015

Vállalkozási keretszerződés a MÁV-START Zrt. állagában lévő egyes, meghatározott vasúti személykocsik MF-100/2014 Műszaki feltétfüzet szerinti fővizsgáinak, futó- és balesetes javításainak elvégzése.

Developing the ability to say yes, strengthening of social skills - maintaining awareness raising trainings

Csongrád Megye Fejlesztéséért Nonprofit Kft. | Published September 2, 2015
Szeged - 2015 Konzorcium

"The development of yes-saying potential of social skills by reinforcing - maintaining awareness raising trainings" "Improvement of yes-saying potential of social skills by reinforcing" - (school health promotion program) - early intervention for substance use programs risks of illicit and licit substances due recognition and programs for behavioral addictions prevention: prevention for the early implementation of institutions providing public education and child protection care drug use health promotion program. 1. Educators and social experts shaping the views - Training peer facilitators - workshops, training courses, preparing informational materials to the participants. Tasks: - Creating a problem Map (5), - the training of teachers in five institutions, within the framework of one-day workshop, - supporting peer education five group for (at least 12 people.), In the form of three-day camp - mentor teacher training (at least 8 people. ) within the framework of one-day workshop - Making preventive health promotion booklets 10 booklets (page 3-6), min. Within the framework of 210 pieces second helping of contemporary program 10 locations (6 hours / day) to organize recruiting events and the maintenance unconventional parents' meeting of 10 site (1 hour / day) to keep third of awareness-raising training takes place social workers and teachers, involving 5 x 3-day training .

the public service broadcasters with pre-recorded communications related to PR and media communication functions and related care services (informative outcome of the procedure)

Médiaszolgáltatás - támogató és Vagyonkezelő Alap | Published August 26, 2015
Trinity International Communications Kft.

The subject of the public procurement: the public media service provision within the framework of pre-press and public relations related to communication with communication functions and related services enterprise framework agreement 21,500,000 - HUF + VAT amounting to frame or fixed a period of 6 months. In addition to all contracting classic ATL and BTL marketing tools (advertising, media buying, caterers etc) using a wide range of communication media to promote the public relations work as well. The contractor (contractor performing the contract) are: the creation and maintenance of press coverage (monthly / flat-rate services) Press Database management, expansion and maintenance (monthly / flat-rate services) PR content management, organization of public relations campaigns, coordinating thematic appearances (monthly / flat-rate services) Press releases, writing background papers, public media some of the contents of offering of the press, programs, program sequences to communicate, program previews, episode booklets sent out to the press (monthly / flat-rate activity) Screen Friends Personal Branding (monthly / flat-rate services) Press-reporting (monthly / flat-rate operations), Press Events , press conferences, media presentations, organization of press screenings (expert paid by the hour activity) associated with Public Event For press contacts Treatment (Expert hourly activity) External organized events, co-ordinating the festival participation (expert hourly activity) of the public media in some special content for preparation of PR for creative material (monthly / flat-rate services) Co-ordination and approval (monthly / flat-rate services) advisory partnership, proactivity (monthly / flat-rate services)

The organization within the framework of project "Regional cooperation program to help Szikszó" events.

Szikszó Város Önkormányzata | Published August 24, 2015
SZÜV Oktatás Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Action taken on catch-up district-level round table to provide information brochure on the event related to the program. - Management consulting one occasion, providing 10 people, the delegates of the district round-table discussion of program information booklets. - Officials consultation, one time linked to three locations under 400 District teleplés main subject group within the event: Roadshow of Public Administration and Information Day. Booklet providing information related to the program and marketing to ensure - Consultation target groups, one time in 10 main participants of the round table on the topic of involving the target group Invite least one artist. Enabling events for computer software plan - Holding Conference 2 times, and the design phase of the equal opportunity program and adopt a plan to ensure alignment of program information booklets to mainstream agenda. Providing information related to the program booklet. - Closing event one occasion, 60 people in four settlement programs ensure the active movement program promoting the regional cooperation. Local ensuring equal opportunity programs related to the program brochure and marketing guarantee. Invite at least one artist on this topic. - Information on the event, one time, 20 participants experienced during the program strengths to provide information related to the program booklet. Equal Opportunities, programs for social inclusion - Conference retain one occasion, 35 people, conflict management reduces discrimination-set, demonstration and hands-on experience is lined sensitization program to provide in-formation related to the program booklet. - Retention Expert workshop, one time 15 people and experiences on this topic