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Printed matter and related products

Republik Österreich (Bund), die Bundesbeschaffung GmbH als zentrale Beschaffungsstelle sowie alle weiteren Auftraggeber gemäß den Ausschreibungsunterlagen beigelegter Drittkundenliste, alle vertreten durch die Bundesbeschaffung GmbH | Published December 2, 2015
SSI Schäfer Shop GmbH

Delivery of advertising material 2015th

Graphic design services

Österreichische Post AG | Published September 12, 2015  -  Deadline October 2, 2015

Creation of advertising material for various campaigns and activities according to the CD-Manuel Österreichische Post AG: - flyers, folders, Leporello, brochures; - Poster, Poster; - Adressierte- and unaddressed mailings; - Advertisements; - POS.

Graphic design services

Energie-Control Austria für die Regulierung der Elektrizitäts- und Erdgaswirtschaft (E-Control) | Published May 16, 2015  -  Deadline June 15, 2015
79822500, 79340000

Procurement target is the establishment of a framework agreement on services in media design area. Also included are services in the field of graphics, design and layout, textual design services (drawing up of texts, Claims and wordings, proofreading) and the procurement and settlement of third-party services (eg printing services for., Advertising material) to standardized and project-related means of communication (eg. B. Annual and activity reports, brochures, etc.).

Advertising and marketing services

Österreichische Post AG | Published February 2, 2017  -  Deadline March 6, 2017

Design or the development of concrete ideas and the creation of advertising materials for digital, and online campaigns.

- Creation of standard online advertising and newsletters (including mobile advertising media UAP Bannerset and advertising material for social media channels.) - Conception, design, UX / UI design and implementation for Web / campaign pages, web and mobile applications - Design and UX / UI design for the post-Internet (ev intranet.) and related applications - Strategic consulting and project management - Optional: creation and production of tutorial / Animation- / 3D video and screen animations.

Advertising and marketing services

Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GesmbH | Published November 16, 2017  -  Deadline December 14, 2017
79340000, 79341400, 79342000, 79952000, 79956000

The subject of the bid is creative and media services. These services are advertised in five lots.

Lot 1 "Toolbox" (Idea - Strategy - Conception) includes services for the development and further development of communication patterns and their elements.

Lot 2 "Tools" includes services for the implementation of communication patterns and the grouping of the individual elements.

Lot 3 "Production Management" includes services designed to ensure the smooth running of the production of advertising material.

Lot 4 "Events, fairs and promotions" includes both mental and manual services.

Lot 5 "Media Services" includes "classic" services provided by a media agency.

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