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Delivery of electrical equipment.

  . Тамбов ул. С.Рахманинова Russia — Комитет государственного заказа Тамбовской области
Published December 8, 2014 — Deadline December 15, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Contract notice
Incandescent bulbs other (excluding lamps for motor vehicles) for a voltage not exceeding 100 V Lamp 75W Discharge lamps with fluorescent; Fluorescent lighting 40W Fluorescent lighting 20W Incandescent tungsten halogen filament (excluding lamps for motor vehicles), for a voltage exceeding 100 V Lamp metallogenica for floodlight 150 watt Lamp for halogen floodlight 500 W Boards, panels, consoles, distribution boards and other bases for electric apparatus for commutation and/or protection, not equipped with this hardware Boxing (6 machines) Boxing (3 units) Circuit breakers, switches, and similar devices for a voltage not exceeding 1 kV for domestic use, Electromechanical (push-button, rotary, etc.) Switch internal one-button Switch internal purpose, two-key Connectors, sockets and connectors for domestic use Plug plug Parts and component parts for lamps and lighting devices other (except parts and components to portable lamps and lanterns) Starter 40W Automatic circuit breakers for a voltage not exceeding 1 kV and a current not exceeding 25 And Switch automatic V-29 1PH 25A Switch automatic V-29 3F 25A Switch automatic V-29 3F 63A Switch automatic V-29 32A 1PH Lamps with fluorescent discharge lamps for residential premises Lamp LPO h The adhesive tape of a width not exceeding 10 cm The tape HB The tape PVC 19mm x 25m Lamp MOUTH 23-125 Cables with copper conductors for a voltage exceeding 80 V but not exceeding 1 kV Wire IDC 2x1.5 Wire VVG 4x4 The product polymer construction, including details of electrical switches and other polymer products for installation on walls; gutters, boxes and trays for electrical networks other Cable channel Hm

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