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NG-RAMP PHASE 2 - P095003

  Abuja Niger — Rural Access and Mobility Project
Published January 26, 2015 — Deadline February 10, 2015 (5 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
Request For Expressions Of Interest (eoi) Forconsulting Services To Undertake A Road Maintenance Study In Fournigerian States Of Adamawa, Enugu, Niger And Osun FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT FEDERAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT UNIT (FPMU) SECOND RURALACCESS AND MOBILITY PROJECT (RAMP 2) REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST (EOI) FOR CONSULTING SERVICES TO UNDERTAKE A ROAD MAINTENANCE STUDY IN FOUR NIGERIAN STATES OF ADAMAWA, ENUGU, NIGER AND OSUN Credit No. 51540-NG Issue Date: 26th January, 2015 The Federal Republic of Nigeria, through the FederalMinistry of Agriculture and Rural Development, has received financing from the International Development Association (IDA) and theFrench Development Agency and plan to on-lend the financing to four participating states (Adamawa, Enugu, Niger, and Osun) towardsthe cost of among others rehabilitation of prioritized low volume and mostly unpaved rural roads in these states under the SecondRural Access and Mobility Project (RAMP-2). It is intended that part of the proceeds of the financing will be applied to eligiblepayments under the contract for Consulting Services for this Road Maintenance Study. The consulting services for Road Maintenance includethe planning and programming of various types of road maintenance activities in each state, costing of such maintenance activities,preparation of financing plans and related services, and are proposed to be undertaken in each of the four states asfollows: a)      Prepare a classification of the rural roads into state and local governmentroads. b)     Propose relevant road maintenance activities such as: (i) community implemented routinemaintenance; (ii) periodic mechanized grading; (iii) re-gravelling of gravel roads;(iv) maintenance of drainage structures; and (v)resurfacing of rural road sections constructedwith low cost surface treatment. c)      Determine annual costs of maintenance and finalizea multi-year maintenance program for eachstate with a combination ofcommunity based routine maintenance, annual mechanized maintenance, re-gravelling operations andbituminous resurfacing where justified. d)     Estimate the financing needs for an agreed maintenance program for each state over fiveyears. e)      Prepare a financing plan taking into account the financial support of RAMP 2, state budgets(from ministries of works and agriculture), and any force account works. Discuss various cost recovery alternatives in case of afunding shortfall, and propose arrangements that may secure adequate, dedicated and reliable funding on an annualbasis. f)       Present workable options for how various maintenance activities can be contracted out toservice providers and to what extent it is feasible to use performance based maintenance contracts. g)     Propose quality control arrangements including on-site supervision and technicalaudits. h)     Prepare guidelines for Whole Life Cycle Cost Analysis oflow cost lateritic gravel roads withand without surface treatment. i)        Prepare an Operational Maintenance Manual including proposed technical specifications for allrural road maintenance operations in each state. The duration of theConsulting Services is envisaged to span about 6months. The Federal Project Monitoring Unit (FPMU) on behalf of the four stategovernments now invites eligible consulting firms ("Consultants") to indicate their interest in providing the Services. InterestedConsultants should provideinformation demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to performthe Services. The short listing will be undertaken with support from the State Project Implementing Units(SPIU) using among othersthe following criteria: 1.      General qualification: Capacity of the Consultantsto carry out the Services, to bedemonstrated by sufficient years in business, core business in similar activities to those under the Services, annual turnover ofthe Consultants, and overall number and qualifications of Consultants' key staff. A brief presentation of the Consultants profileshall be provided. 2.      Experience in planning, programming and budgeting of maintenance of low volume rural roadssimilar in scope and size to those subject to the Services, with both laterite and double bituminous surface treatment sections.The EOI shall also demonstrate any experience and capacity for conducting road maintenance related analytical work under difficultconditions. 3.      The EOI shall outline experience and capacity for conducting Life Cycle Cost Analysis andEconomic Analysis using the Highway Design and Management tool (HDM-4) or any other recognized economic evaluation methodology. 4.      Experience in contracting out road maintenance androad rehabilitation using performance basedcontracting methods and regular term maintenance contracts. 5.      Capacity and experience in involving rural community groups in performance based routine roadmaintenance in combinationwith light mechanized maintenance. 6.      Background in the conduct of road user charges studies and preparation of financing plans formulti-year maintenance programs under medium term expenditure frameworks. The consultants are strongly encouraged to present the information intheir respective EOIs to demonstrate the fulfilment of the criteria above in the form ofproject profiles including: the projectname, the location of the project, the name and address of the client/beneficiary, the name(s) of associated firm(s) if any, theduration of the assignment, the start and end date of the assignment, the total value of the contract, the total number ofstaff-months of the assignment, the value of the servicesprovided under the contract, the number of professional staff-monthsprovided by the associated firm(s), the names of the firm's senior staff involved and functions performed, a brief narrativedescription of the project, and a description of the actual services provided by the firm's staff under the assignment. Consultants are encouraged to associate with local or other firms inthe form of a jointventure or a sub-consultancy to enhance their qualifications. A Consultant will beselected in accordance with the Quality and CostBased Selection (QCBS) method set out in the Consultant Guidelines with 80 percent weight on the technical proposal andqualification of staff and 20 % on the cost. The Services will be paid under a lump sum contract based on progress anddeliverables. Further information can be obtained at theaddress below during office hours. Expressions of interest must be delivered in awritten form to the address below (in person, by mail or by e-mail) by 10thFebruary, 2015

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Dalil Essakali, Mohammed
Notice No
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Request for Expression of Interest
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Procurement Method
Selection Based On Consultant's Qualification
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Submission Deadline Date/Time
February 10, 2015 17:00
Published Date
January 26, 2015
Rural Access and Mobility Project
Federal Project Monitoring Unit
NAIC House:Plot 590, Zone AO, Airport Road, Central Area, Abuja.

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