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AR Metropolitan Areas Urban Transport - P095485

  CABA Argentina — Unidad Ejecutora Central del Ministerio de Interiory Transporte
Published February 24, 2015 — Deadline February 26, 2015 (4 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
Brt Juan Manuel De Rosas (rn3) La Matanza-Horse CALL ALICITACIÓN Argentina Project TransporteUrbano Metropolitan Areas. Loan BIRF7794. BRT Juan Manuel de Rosas (RN3) La Matanza-CABA PúblicaInternacional Tender No. 1/2014. December 2014 This solicitation is emitecomoresultado the General Procurement Notice for this Project it was published in Development Business, 17 denoviembre 2009. BRT Juan Manuel de Rosas (RN3) La Matanza-CABA ". BRT Manuelde Juan Rosas ( RN3) La Matanza-CABA ". Eligible Bidders who are interested may request the executing informaciónadicional Central (UEC) Unit of the Ministry of Interior and Transport at the following address adquisiciones@ptuma.gob.ar. Also, notice of this estarádisponible tender inthe following websites: United Nations Development Business (UNDB online: www.devbusiness.com) UECwww.ptuma.gov.ar portal and the site of the National Procurement Office (www .argentinacompra.gov.ar) 6.The provisions lasInstrucciones to Bidders and General Conditions of Contract are listed in the publication of the Bank's Standard Bidding Documents for Procurement of Works. All bids must iracompañadas a Bid-Securing Declaration. Tenders seabrirán in the presence of representatives of the bidders who wish to attend in person at the address at the end deesteLlamado, on February 12, 2015 immediately after the time fixed for the receipt thereof. Executing Central (UEC) Unit of the Ministry of Transport Interiory May 25 145 2 Floor, Lounge Chair, Buenos Aires, Zip: C1002ABC, Argentina Phone: 5436-6900 0054-11. Email: adquisiciones@ptuma.gob. Argentina Republic Ministry of Interior and Transport PROYECTODE URBAN TRANSPORT FOR METROPOLITAN AREAS "IBRD No. 7794-AR LPI 1-2014 SEPA: PTUMA-131-LPI-O construction BRT BRT Juan Manuel de Rosas (RN3) LaMatanza-CABA CIRCULAR NO. 1 Amending Buenos Aires, January 16, 2015 Bidding Forms, Employer Contribution; the template is replaced by lasiguiente: Item No. Description Unit Quantity Unit Price Amount A PRELIMINARY WORK Mobilization 0.1 0.2 1.00 gl work Measurements and Testing gl . 1.00 B 4 + 550 to 14 + 700 1 Extraction of trees and shrubs A. 15.00 2 Milling existing asphalt concrete pavement 262,132.76 m2 3 m2 Demolition of existing pavement sidewalk 30443.41 4 Demolition 7.166 m2 50 5 Treatment of existing defenses kind of New Jersey 5.0 Removal and relocation to new location or workshop ml 5541.25 5.1 Replacing defense type of moving from New Jersey deltramo ml 620,00 6 Demolition works several Un. 88, 00 7 Digging for box opening 8 m3 17605.22 m2 8.1 Concrete paving Concrete Pavement H-30 e = 25cm m2 67265.63 8.2 Concrete Subbase H-8 e = 20cm m2 61679.12 8 3 Concrete Filled H-8 e = 5.5 cm 8.4 m2 4386.12 Concrete Filled H-8 e = 17cm 3392.59 8.5 m2 Concrete Pavement H-30 e = 29cm 36,453 m2, September 1 Polyethylene Membrane 200 micron 36453.01 m2 10 league Irrigation ER-1 m2 34422.61 11 asphalt concrete folder in e = 5cm 12 m2 34,422.61 Provision and position of road delineators A. 851,00 13 Supply and installation of mountable cordonesseparadores 4351.90 14 ml 14.1 ml Cords Lace concrete type "A" pop height 0.15m s / Plano Type H-9121 5152.63 14.2 ml Cord ditch Concrete Type "D" pop height 0.15m s / Plano TipoH-9121 ml 3988.41 15 Construction of new sink and recomposition of cámaraexistente A. 15.1 2m) and recomposition An existing decámara. 24.00 15.2 3m) and recomposition An existing decámara. 1.00 15.3 4m) and recomposition An existing decámara. 15.4 1.00

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Fact Sheet

Project ID
Project Title
AR Metropolitan Areas Urban Transport
Team Leader
Mehndiratta, Shomik Raj
Notice No
Notice Type
Invitation for Bids
Notice Status
Borrower Bid Reference
LPI Nº 1/2014
Procurement Method
International Competitive Bidding
Language of Notice
Submission Deadline Date/Time
February 26, 2015 15:00
Published Date
February 24, 2015
Unidad Ejecutora Central del Ministerio de Interiory Transporte
Pablo Spotti
Av. Julio A Roca 636 9º piso
Postal Code

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