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PFM Modernization Project - P146997

  220004 Minsk Belarus — Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus
Published August 2, 2016
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Prior notice
General Procurement Notice GENERAL PROCUREMENT NOTICE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS PUBLIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT MODERNIZATIONPROJECT FIRST PROJECT IN A SERIES GENERAL PROCUREMENT NOTICE LoanNo.8606-BY Project IDNo. P146997 The Ministry of Finance of theRepublic of Belarus has received financing in the amount of US$10 000 000 equivalent fromthe World Bank toward the cost of the Public FinancialManagement Modernization Project  and itintends to apply part of the proceeds topayments for goods, works, related services and consulting services to be procured under this Project. The objectives of the Project are to improvepolicy alignment of the budget, consolidate cash balances, improve budget transparency and lay the foundations for an integratedfinancial management information system. The Project consists of the following parts: Part 1.  Budget Management Regulations andProcedures 1.1.        Strengthening the Borrower's budget preparation through, inter alia: (a)           the provision of technical assistance on, inter alia: (i) the selection and use of financialprogramming model, including the provision of relevant Training; (ii) theidentification of existing gaps in operational capacityand methodology for macroeconomic forecasting; (b)          the development of methodologies for estimating: (i)  taxexpenditures (including tax privileges and exemptions) and assessing their efficiency; and (ii) taxgap; (c)           the development of a medium-term budgeting methodology, which includes, inter alia: (i) thedefinition of medium-term expenditure limits for the Borrower's programs; (ii) the carrying out of an assessment regarding thefeasibility of establishing reserve funds as a tool for countercyclical fiscal policy; and (iii) the establishment of a mechanismfor multi-year allocations and transfer of unused funds into the Borrower's next fiscal year;and (d)          the development of a program-based budgeting methodology which includes, inter alia: (i) theestablishment of indicators to assess efficiency and results of the Borrower's programs; (ii) the development of a new programclassification of budget expenditures; and (iii) the carrying out of relevant capacity buildingactivities. 1.2.        Strengthening the Borrower's debt management system through, inter alia: (a) the provision oftechnical assistance on the implementation of the Borrower's debt management strategy; and (b) the revision of the Borrower'spublic debt regulatory framework. 1.3.        Strengthening the Borrower's budget execution and budget reporting through, interalia: (a)           (i) the development of a plan for a phased consolidation of the Borrower's public funds in the Treasury Single Account(TSA), and  implementation of the first phase of said plan; (ii)the provision of technical assistance focused on strengthening the Borrower's  management of commitments; (iii)  theintegration of the Borrower's procurement procedures into the budget execution process; and (iv) the development of cashforecasting tools and procedures, including the provision of Training on their use; (b)       (i) the development of the conceptual framework forthe reform of thenational public sector accounting and reporting system, including the definition of institutional responsibilities withintheBorrower; (ii) the design of a comprehensive and time bound implementation plan, which includes, interalia: (A) the proposed changes to the existing legal framework; and (B) a proposed mechanism for thedevelopment and adoptionof accounting and reporting standards which are compliant with International Public Sector AccountingStandards (IPSAS); (iii) the  preparatoryactivities for the adoption of the first set of standards developed using the mechanism referred to in (B) herein, including thecarrying out of public consultations; (iv)  thedevelopment of a unified chart of accounts integrated with the budget classification; (v) the development of financial reportingtemplates in accordance with IPSAS; including the preparation of methodological instructions for the compilation of financialreports; (vi) provision of technical assistance and Training on the implementation of the new set of standards and on the unifiedchart of accounts referred to in (iii) and (iv) herein, respectively; (c)        (i) the development of options for the modernization of theinternal financial control and audit system of the Borrower's public sector; and (ii) based on the options developed under (i)herein, the formulation of the conceptual framework of the new public sector internal financial control and audit system; and (d)       the strengthening of the public access to the Borrower's budgetinformation through, inter alia: (i) the preparation and publication of userfriendly versions of the Borrower's budget information; (ii) the acquisition and installation of relevant software (e.g. dataextraction and business-analysis); and (iii) the provision of Training. Part 2. Public Financial Management ITSolutions Carrying out of the following activities, inter alia: (a)            development of public financialmanagement business processes for the design and implementation of an integrated financial management information system, based onthe activities carried out under Part 1 above, including through the acquisition and installation of business process managementsoftware in the MoF and/or the IT Center; (b)           carrying out an analysis of existingintegrated solutions in the market for the establishment of a financial management information system; (c)            preparation of bidding documents, includingspecifications, for the acquisition of a financial management information system, based on the revised business processes carriedout under Part 2 (a) above; and (d)           upgrading of the Automated System forFinancialSettlements through, inter alia, the acquisition andinstallation of the necessary software and hardware in the MoF and/or the IT Center. Part.3   ChangeManagement 3.1.         Carrying out of capacity building activities supporting the Borrower's changemanagement process to implement the public financial management activities referred to in Parts 1 and 2 above, including: (i) thecarrying out of awareness campaigns, Training activities  ontheimplementation of said reforms; (ii) the design and implementation ofTraining programs for the Training Center; 3.2.         Strengthening the Training Center's operational capacitythrough, inter alia: (i) the acquisition and installation of relevant hardwareand software; and (ii) the provision of technical assistance on developing a business model for training delivery;and 3.3.         Project management activities through the provision of support for Projectimplementation, monitoring and evaluation, including the procurement and financial management aspects and the carrying out of theProject audits. Procurement of goods, works and non-consulting services financed by the WorldBank will be conducted through the procedures specified in Guidelines: "Procurement of Goods, Works and Non-consulting Servicesunder IBRD Loans and IDA Credits and Grants by World Bank Borrowers" dated January 2011 (revised July 2014),   consulting services will be procured in accordance with the Guidelines: "Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans and IDACredits and Grants by World Bank Borrowers"dated January 2011 (revised July 2014). Specific procurement notices for contracts will be announced, as they becomeavailable in UN Development Business, on theWorld Bank external website, as well as on the website of Republican Unitary Enterprise "Data-Processing Center of the Ministry ofFinance of the Republic of Belarus" (Implementing Agency) www. ivcmf.by. Further information can be obtained at the address below: 17 Kalvariyskaya Str., 220004 Minsk Tel.: +375(17) 200 39 87 e-mail: aismf@ivcmf.by Irina Gorbunova Chief ProjectEngineer

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Project ID
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PFM Modernization Project
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General Procurement Notice
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Published Date
August 2, 2016
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus
Irina Gorbunova
17 Kalvariyskaya Str.,
220004 Minsk

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