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BI-Jiji and Mulembwe Hydropower - P133610

Published March 31, 2015 — Deadline April 20, 2015 (3 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
Call A Manifestation D? Interest (stimulus) For Recruitment D? An Individual Consultant In Charge Of Cleaning Dufichier Clients Electricite De Regideso Premiere Phase DUBURUNDI REPUBLIC MINISTRY OF ENERGY AND GOVERNED DESMINES PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION OF WATER ETD'ELECTRICITE (REGIDESO) HYDROELECTRIC PROJECT AND Jiji Mulembwe (PHJIMU) DON IDAN ° H9350-BI Project No P 133610 CALL MANIFESTATIOND'INTERET (RECOVERY) FOR THE RECRUITMENT OF AN INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT IN CHARGE OF CLEANING FILE ELECTRICITY CUSTOMERS AFTER FIRST REGIDESO PHASE No. 12 / IDA / REGIDESO / PHJIMU / CI / 2014 / RECOVERY March 2015 Date of notice: 31/03/2015 1. Context The aim of the project is to increase lafournitured'électricité clean and low cost the national network of Burundi. Thus he plans to use some of that to make Don lespaiements authorized under individual unconsultant services in charge of electricity customers dunettoyage file REGIDESO first phase. DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES DUCONSULTANT benefits of individual consultant and its field team will include tâchessuivantes: 1) Define laméthodologie and meter verification elements by field visits, taking into account desenseignements field desvérifications performed to the file cleaning Water customers (work in progress as part duprojetPROSECEAU). 2) Carry desvérifications ground on all zero energy meters for industrial, commercial and public, and a geographically representative sample of zero consumption meters for residential customers. 3) Carry desvérifications field for all some 250 meters and connections for large clientset georeference cesclients. 4) Recommend lesactions needed at lafacturation and recovery visited customers and adjustments to achieve in the fichierclients the business management system. 5) On the basis of desrésultats sampling verification visits residential meters to zero consumption, suggest laméthodologie, organization and cost of the audit of all remaining customers zero consumption. The results of these visits will be used by the consultant recruited in parallel to the analysis of problématiquedes prepayment meters for the consultant makes recommendations to limit the risks of fraud lescompteurs coin. 7) Evaluerl'organisation, procedures and problems of inspection of the Sales department, and tenantcompte égalementcompte verification visits conducted in the field, make recommendations for improving the fight againstunfair fraudulent practices in connections and in the generation and billing counters. 8) Recommandationsd'une methodology, organization, timing and costs of the actions necessary for the implementation of the census and vérificationexhaustifs meters and connections of all electricity customers REGIDESO. 9) Coordinate etsuperviser the realization of the comprehensive survey mentioned in the previous point, to be held on an estimated period of 4 months, starting in September 2015. The travel expenses of the team of laREGIDESO forthe realization of field visits will be included in the amount of the consultant's contract. PROFILE DUCONSULTANT Ø Senior Consultant: At least 10 years experience in the oul'appuià business management business management utilities and hold a degree (Bac + 4 minimum); Ø Supervisors: At least 5 years experience in making connections sociétésd'électricité audit work and hold a Diploma Electrician A2 to a minimum; The superviseursauront a good knowledge of Kirundi. DURATION DUCONTRAT Both consultant services etses superviseurscomprendront a full time job in Burundi during a three-month period from August 2015 to prépareret réaliserles field visits and make a report the findings and recommendations in relation to the first eight activitésmentionnées above. The ninth above activity (coordination and supervisiondu census) require support for part-time during the life of the census (September-October / décembre2015). The amount of effort required for the tasks described below dessusest estimated at 80 working days for the main consultant and 200 working days for the two supervisors. Deselection MODE The Consultant will be selected in accordance with lesprocédures World Bank as described in the document: Guidelines "Selection and Employment deConsultants by Empr

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Project ID
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BI-Jiji and Mulembwe Hydropower
Team Leader
O'Sullivan, Kyran
Notice No
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Request for Expression of Interest
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Submission Deadline Date/Time
April 20, 2015 10:00
Published Date
March 31, 2015
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BP 660

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