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BF-Electricity Sector Support Project - P128768

   Burkina Faso — 
Published February 9, 2016
Notice type
Award notice
Reorganization Of Cycle Of Billing Consultant (s) selected (s) / Company: Name: PANAUDIT BURKINA Address: BP5676 Ouagadougou 01 01 Technical note: 93.833 Price of the final evaluation: XOF 9,920,000.00 Final ranking: 1 final Prixnégocié: XOF 9,920,000.00 Consultant ( s) assessment (s) / Company: Name: COFINA Address: BP 03 03 4001Cotonou Benin technical Note: 92,500 Price of the final evaluation: XOF 10.4 million final ranking: 2 Consultant (s) evaluated (s) / Company: Name: SEC DIARRA MALI / SEC DIARRABURKINA Address: 11 BP 158 Ouagadougou 11 technical note: 87.667 Price of the final evaluation: XOF12,790,000.00 final ranking: 3 Consultant (s) evaluated (s) / Company: Name: AK FUDICIAL EXPERTISE Address: BP 01 4134 Ouagadougou 01 technical note: 93.667 final assessment fee: XOF 15,160,000.00 final ranking: 4 Consultant (s) evaluated (s) / Company: Name: CAFEC-KA Address: BP 10 13675Ouagadougou 01 technical note: 93,500 Price of final assessment: XOF 16,840,000.00 final ranking: 5 Consultant (s) evaluated (s) / Company: Name: CGIC AFRICA Address: 10 BP13675 Ouagadougou technical Note 01: 82,500 Price of the final evaluation: XOF18,991,250.00 final position: 6

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Fact Sheet

Project ID
Project Title
BF-Electricity Sector Support Project
Burkina Faso
Team Leader
Kappen, Jan Friedrich
Notice No
Notice Type
Contract Award
Notice Status
Procurement Method
Least Cost Selection
Contract Award Type
Consultant Award (QCBS, QBS, FCS, LCS)
Language of Notice
Published Date
February 9, 2016

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