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  Vyshgorod Ukraine — PJSC ?Ukrhydroenergo?
Published November 23, 2015 — Deadline January 5, 2016 (3 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
Procurement Of High Voltage Bushings SPECIFICPROCUREMENT NOTICE UKRAINE HYDROPOWER REHABILITATIONPROJECT Procurement of HighVoltage Bushings Loan No. 7791-UA Project ID No. P-115515 Bid No. UHE/T-HVB-39/15 1.                 Thisinvitation to tender meets the general procurement notice for this project, issued in the Development Business ? 654 dated16.05.2005. The Government of Ukraine has received financingfrom the International Bank for reconstruction and development toward the cost of Hydropower Rehabilitation Project and it intends to apply part of the proceeds towardpayments under the contract for the procurement of High VoltageBushings (Bid No. UHE/T-HVB-39/15, number of LOTS ? 2(two)). The maximum Contract performanceperiod: LOT 1:    High Voltage Bushings for power transformers of Dnister HPP: 110kV? 6 pcs., 330kV ? 6 pcs.: thirteen (13) weeks till 30/04/16 LOT 2:    High Voltage Horizontal Bushings for Kakhovka HPP: 154kV ? 18pcs.: thirteen (13) weeks till 30/04/16 2.                 The Public Joint-Storage Company "Ukrhydroenergo" hereby invites eligible firms to submittheir sealed Bids for the supply of High Voltage Bushings. The InternationalCompetitive Bidding shall take place in accordance with the Bank's one-stage international competitive bidding procedure, asspecified in the World Bank's Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDACredits, publishedin May 2004, Revised in 2015, is open to all eligible bidders as defined in theguidelines that meet the following minimum qualification criteria: If Bidder is Manufacturer: (i)         Financial Capability The Bidder shall furnish documentary evidence that it meets the following financialrequirement(s): For alllots Average Annual Turnover In case ofBidders submitting bids for all lots, corresponding criteria of each Lot shall be consideredcumulatively: Turnover shallbe calculated as total certified payments received for contracts in progress or completed, within the last three (3) years,representing not less than: Lot No.1: Average annual turnover of fourhundred thousand US Dollars (USD 800, 000. 00); Lot No.2: Average annual turnoverof two million US Dollars (USD 2,000,000.00); (ii)        Experience and TechnicalCapacity The Bidder shall furnish documentary evidence to demonstrate that it meets the following experience requirement(s): LOT 1: Experience: The Bidder shall have designed,manufactured, tested and supplied a minimum of 30 (thirty) high voltage bushings for power transformers of rated power110kV and 330kV over the last 5 years, and which have been insuccessful operation for at least 1 year as on the date of Bidopening. Technical capacity: The Bidder shall demonstrate mature capabilities to manufacture and supply at least an annualaverage of 30 (thirty) high voltagebushings for power transformers over the last5 years. LOT 2: Experience: The Bidder shall have designed,manufactured, tested and supplied a minimum of 100 (one hundred) high voltage horizontal bushings of rated power 154kV over the last 5 years, and which have been in successful operation for at least 1 year as on thedate of Bid opening. Technical capacity: The Bidder shall demonstrate mature capabilities to manufacture and supply at least an annualaverage of 100 (one hundred) high voltagehorizontal bushings over the last 5 years. In case the Bidder would be in position to be awarded a contract for several Lots,the Bidder shalldemonstrate capabilitiestomanufacture and supply all high-voltage bushings within the latest Contract completion date. If Bidder is not the manufacturer: If a Bidder isnot a manufacturer, but is offering the Goods on behalf of the Manufacturer under Manufacturer's Authorization (Section IV, BiddingForms), the Manufacturer shall demonstrate the above qualifications (?),(??), (???) and the Bidder shall demonstrate that it has successfully completed at least2 (two) contracts of similar goods in the past 3 (three) years with the Manufacturers. 3.        Interested eligible Bidders may get additional information at the Public Joint Stock Company "Ukrhydroenergo" during working hours from 08-00 to 17-00, local time. From the dateof November 24, 2015 a complete set of biddingdocuments in English may be purchased by interested bidders on the submission of awritten application to the address below and upon payment of a nonrefundable fee of 80 USD(eighty USD) (not taking into account bankfees). The methodof payment (only in US dollars, for the residents atthe exchange rate of theNational Bank of Ukraine at the date of payment) will be direct deposit to any of the specified accountnumbers: For non-residents of Ukraine: Benef. PJSC "Ukrhydroenergo" YeDRPO 20588716 Ukrgasbank S.W.I.F.T. UGASUAUK 03087, Ukraine,Kiev, Yerevanska,1.» MFO 320478 r/r ? 26007246396 Correspondent banks: J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, 270 ParkAvenue, New York, NY, 10017 USA, NewYork S.W.I.F.T. CHASUS33 Note: Specifypayment details as follows: Payment for Bidding Document UHE/T-HVB-39/15 For residents of Ukraine: Benef. PJSC"Ukrhydroenergo" YeDRPO20588716 Name ofpayee bank: Ukrgasbank SWIFT:UGASUAUK Bankaddress: Yerevanska 1, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03087 Account number: 26007246396 Currency:UAH MFO320478 Note: Specifypayment details as follows: Payment for Bidding Document UHE/T-HVB-39/15 After thefunds crediting to one of the above accounts the document will be sent by express-mail (i.e. DHL) or by special delivery. 5.                 TheProvisions of the Instructions to Bidders and the General Conditions ofContract are provisions of the Standard Bidding Documents of the Bank: Procurement of Goods. 6.                 The Bidshall be delivered to the address below at or by 11.00 a.m., local time, on January 05, 2016. 7.                 The Bid must be accompanied by abid security in theamount of: Lot ? 1: 8 000 USD (eight thousand USD) orin the UAHequivalent (according to the National Bank of Ukraine exchange rate on the date of securityissuance); Lot ? 2: 20 000USD (twenty thousandUSD) or in the UAH equivalent(accordingto the National Bank of Ukraine exchange rateon the date of security issuance) The Bids will beopened in the presence ofthe bidders' representatives, who choose to attend, on January 05, 2016at 11.00 a.m., local time, at the addressbelow. The address ofthe Public Joint-Stock Company "Ukrhydroenergo": Attn:   Mrs. Zhanna Gutina PJSC "Ukrhydroenergo", office217 07300, Vyshgorod, Kyiv region,Ukraine Tel: +38 04596 582 27 Fax: +38 04596220 07 E-mail:gutina@ges.kv.energy.gov.ua

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Team Leader
Salminen, Pekka Kalevi
Notice No
Notice Type
Invitation for Bids
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Procurement Method
International Competitive Bidding
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Submission Deadline Date/Time
January 5, 2016 11:00
Published Date
November 23, 2015
PJSC ?Ukrhydroenergo?
Mrs. Zhanna Gutina
07300, Vyshgorod, Kyiv region, PJSC ?Ukrhydroenergo? , office 217
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