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AF: ARTF-Public Fin. Mgmt. Reform II - P120427

  Kabul Afghanistan — Afghanistan Reconstruction and Development Services (ARDS)
Published January 8, 2015 — Deadline January 31, 2015 (4 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
Professional Certification Program (pcp) REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST For Professional Certification Program (PCP) Ref No.:          MoF/1982/QCBS PPNo.:          MOF/340/IAD/PFMR-II/10/93 Project:           Public Financial Management Reform Project-II(PFMR-II) Grant No.:     TF 010024 Procurement Type:   Consulting Services 1.         The Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRA)has received a grant from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF), and will use part of the proceeds of the grant to makepayments under a contract for Consultancy Services of Professional Certification Program for Internal Audit Department of theMinistry of Finance (MOF) & Line Ministries. 2.         A brief description of the projectis providedbelow: The goal of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (IRA) includes maintaining appropriate fiduciary standardsto provide reasonable assurance to the Afghan Public and International donors that government resources and donor funds are subjectto appropriate allocationand expenditure controls. An important objective is achieving compliance with international standards offinancial management including theuse of internationally recognized accounting, auditing and reporting standards enabled by moderntechnology and software applications. The Internal Audit component of the PFMR-II project seeksto help establish an effective Internal Audit Service throughout the national government that meets acceptable standards. Thiscomponent first established the necessary Internal Audit frame work within the Ministry of Finance, and then aims to extend the IAframework to line ministries. This undertaking seeks to consolidate and enhance the improvements in public financial management ofthe past years and to prepare the Ministry of Finance through the work of an effective Internal Audit function to ensure theapplication of the public financial management law and effective controlof budget aggregates. The objective of this contract is the preparation oftraining material and the delivery of formal classroom training & exam preparation in following professional & technicalcertification programs: a) Certified Internal Auditor(CIA) b) Certified Fraud Examiner(CFE) c) Certified Information SystemsAuditor (CISA) d) Project Management Professional(PMP) Thesetraining programs will be for the staff of Internal Audit department of MoF and other line ministries and State administereddepartments. The project aims to provide certifiable classroom trainingon these four professional certification programs to one hundred (100) civil servants includingcadres' of Internal Auditors of theMinistry of Finance, all line ministries and State Administered departments. After successful completion of tuition, theparticipants should be introduced / sent for "Certification Exams" from all relevantinstitutions. The successfulConsultant would work closely with theDirectorate General Internal Audit and Project Management Team of Public Financial ManagementReform Project (PFMR-II) of IAD in Ministry of Finance. The Consultantwould report to the Director General of Internal Audit but would be required to consult extensively at all stages with the WorldBank project team of IAD (PFMR-II), and be capable of satisfying tight deadlines / deliverables at all stages of their assignment,specifically their reporting obligations specified in the Terms of Reference for this project. 3          Afghanistan Reconstruction and DevelopmentServices (ARDS) on behalf of MOF now invites eligible consultants to express their interest in providing the abovementionedservices for the GIRA. Interested consultants must provide information demonstrating their relevant qualifications to perform theservicesincluding: Descriptions of similar assignments, the staffinvolved and the methodology used, indicating the nature and scope of these assignments, undertaken either through direct contractor where key staff have dischargedlead and managerial rolesExperience of working under similar conditions inpost conflict countries and the methodology employed;Financialcapability.Availability of appropriate skills & knowledgeamong staff, including experience of business processes, knowledge of government and donor fund accounting and financial reporting,public financial management, systems integration information technology and language capabilities;References 4          The main part of the EOI shall be a specificpaper of not more than five (5) pages which should comprise a brief presentation of the firm or association, recent references andexperience of similar assignments and under similar conditions The same text,together with all other material (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, financialcapability, appropriate skills among staff, etc.), shall be sent in soft and hard copy to the address given below. Respondents areencouraged to provide only material that is specific to the proposed services, and to avoid submitting generic promotionalmaterial. 5          Consultants may associate to enhance theirqualification or access to local advisors. The association may take the form of a Joint Venture (with joint and several liabilitiesof all partners) or a sub-consultancy. If consultants intend to associate with other firms, they are invited to state in their EOIthecomposition and form of the association. 6.         The Criteria for short listing of the consultingfirms shall be as follows: ·         The firm should have been in academic / educational/ CD business for at least 5years. ·         The firm shall be financially sound with an average annual turnover of more than USD1,000,000.00 during the last five years. ·         The firm should have at least 3 years similar experiences in academic / educational /Capacity Development business. ·         Availability of appropriate skills & knowledge among staff, including experienceof business processes, financial accounting / auditing, knowledge of government and donor fund accounting and financial reporting,public financial management, systems integration information technology and languagecapabilities. 7.         A consultant will be selected throughQuality-and-Cost Based Selection (QCBS) in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank's Guidelines: Selection andEmployment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers dated January 2011. 8.         Interested eligible biddersmayobtain further information from Afghanistan Reconstruction and Development Services (ARDS) at the address given below from 8:00hrs to 16:30 hrs on any working day from Saturday to Wednesday. Expression ofInterest must be delivered to the address below by 31thJanuary 2015 at 14:00 local time. Address:- AfghanistanReconstruction and Development Services (ARDS) Ministry ofEconomy Building, 4th floor, Malik AsgharSquare, Kabul,Afghanistan Email:abdullah.khalid@ards.org.af Copy to:said.bahawddin@ards.org.af Web: -www.ards.org.af

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Project ID
Project Title
AF: ARTF-Public Fin. Mgmt. Reform II
Team Leader
Sisk, Paul Edwin
Notice No
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Request for Expression of Interest
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Procurement Method
Quality And Cost-Based Selection
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Submission Deadline Date/Time
January 31, 2015 14:00
Published Date
January 8, 2015
Afghanistan Reconstruction and Development Services (ARDS)
Said Bahawddin Bihboodi
Ministry of Economy Building, 4th floor, Malik Asghar Square
070 76 96 115

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