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PFM Improvement and Consolidation - P133424

Published September 22, 2016 — Deadline October 10, 2016 (3 years ago)
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Terms Of Reference For International Procurement Specialist At The Public Financial Management Improvement And Consolidation Project, Ministry Of Finance And Economic Development, Sierra Leone TERMSOF REFERENCE FOR INTERNATIONAL PROCUREMENT SPECIALIST AT THEPUBLIC FINANCIALMANAGEMENT IMPROVEMENT AND CONSOLIDATION PROJECT, MINISTRY OF FINANCEANDECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, SIERRA LEONE Date of Issue: 23rdSeptember, 2016 Reference No. MoFED/PFMICP/PMU/IC/011/09/2016 1.0 Background 1.1       The Public Financial ManagementImprovement and Consolidation Project (PFMICP) is a successor to the just endedIntegrated Public Financial Management Reform Project (IPFMRP). It will buildon and reinforce the successes and address the weaknesses of IPFMRP. The Project Development Objective (PDO) is: "To improve budget planning and credibility,financial control, accountability, and oversight in government finances inSierra Leone". The Project, which will benefit various MDAs and LocalCouncils, will comprise the following components: Component 1: Enhancing Budget planning andcredibility The objectives of this component are to:strengthen the macro fiscal forecasting and Public Investment functions ofgovernment to improve overall budget planning; strengthen systems andprocedures for budget formulation; and build capacity for managing contingentliabilities. Component 2:Financial Control,Accountability and Oversight The objective of this component is to strengthenfinancial control in government, improve accountability systems and practices,and enhance independent and public oversight in the management and use ofpublic finances in Sierra Leone. Component 3: Supporting the Strengthening ofRevenue Mobilization and Administration Systems The objectives of thiscomponent are to: strengthen revenue policy and oversight of revenuecollection; improve the efficiency and integrity of revenue administration; toincrease domestic revenue, and to integrate revenue systems with overall PFMsystem. Component 4: Strengthening Local Governance,Financial Management and Accountability Systems The objective of this component is toimprove the capacity of the financial management systems in local councils andstrengthen the accountability and oversight institutions to enhance servicedelivery efficiency and effectiveness. Component 5: PFM Reform Coordination andProject Management The objective of this component is to provide a continuing institutional andcoordination basis for overseeing the implementation of the PFM Reform Strategyas a whole as well as manage the implementation of the proposed project. 1.2       To pursethe GoSL's PFMagenda, the Government has received financing from the InternationalDevelopment Association (IDA), a pooled funding from the African DevelopmentBank, and a Multi-Donor Trust Fund from the European Union and UK's Departmentfor International Development for the PFMICP (with an estimated Projectduration of four years). The PFMICPwill be administered by the World Bank. 1.4       Infurtherance of theabove objectives, the Government intends to use part of the proceeds of thefinancing to engage a suitably qualified and experienced person to fill theposition of International ProcurementSpecialist. 2.0 Objectives ofthe Assignment 2.1       Theobjective of theassignment is to recruit a procurement specialist with international experienceto: i) manage and carry out the procurement activities required forimplementation of the Project in accordance with the Project's covenantdocuments such as the Financing and Grant Agreements, World Bank's Guidelinesand procedures, among other; and (ii) build the procurement capacity of theMoFED / PMU Procurement Unit in order to ensure long-termsustainability ofthe project outcomes. This will ensureadequate hand-holding and capacity development/transfer. Additionally, theInternational Procurement Specialist with support and guide the end-users to prepare good quality ToRs andtechnical specifications. 2.2      TheInternational ProcurementSpecialist will coordinate hisactivities closely with the PMU and Implementing Units teams on activitiesrelated to the Project.   S/he will berequired to be familiar with the World Bank and Government of Sierra Leoneprocurement laws, procedures, regulations, policies, the Project's covenantdocuments, including the Financing and Grant Agreements, Project AppraisalDocument, Project Implementation Manual, Procurement and ConsultantsGuidelines, among others. 3.0  Scope ofServices, Duties and Responsibilities 3.1       The IPSwill takeoverall charge of the project's procurement management and conduct the tasks identifiedbelow by applying technical practices and methods, and collecting andmakinguse of available and necessary data in carrying out the assignment. The consultant shall work in closeconsultation with the Project Manager of the PMU.  He will discuss issues that would affectefficient procurement management with the Project Manager and agree on the waysto resolve them. The Specialist, shall inter alia, undertakethe following: 3.2.1 Review all available project documentsto facilitate the establishment of procurement  procedures for the management and implementation of the project; 3.2.2    Establisha procurement management system for the PMU based on the guideline andprocedures  for the conduct ofprocurement under World Bank funded projects and the government regulations forthe procurement of goods, non-consulting services and consultancy servicesunder the Public Procurement Act 2004 (PPA) of Sierra Leone and as may beamended; 3.2.3    Setup a procurement management tracking system for the PMU that would monitor theimplementation of procurement activities; 3.2.4    Usingthe World Bank's Standard procurement documents, prepare Bidding Documents andRequest for Proposals (REP), Request for Quotations, Letters of Invitations,clarifications/amendments to procurement documentation and processes (ifneeded), minutes of the Evaluation Committees and negotiation meetings,Evaluation Reports, contract award decisions, etc. These should includestandardized forms to be used for International and Local Shopping methods toconform to the PPA or World Bank standards; Inconsultation with the Project's beneficiary agencies, prepare and update theProject's Annual Procurement Plan and Budget detailing contract packages(including estimated cost) for goods, consultancy services and non-consultingservices, the procurement/selection methods and processing times untilcompletion of each procurement activity; Monitorprocurement implementation of and update the Procurement Plan on a atleastbi-weekly basis and whenever  it becomesnecessary to do so; Preparethe General Procurement Notice (GPN), Specific Procurement Notices (SPNs) ,Invitation for Bids (IFBs), Request for Expressions of Interest (REoIs) and other solicitation documentswhenever required; Establisha register of qualified suppliers and consultants and periodically update thisregister to facilitate advertisements, solicitations and drawing up ofshortlists when so required; Inconsultation with the Implementing Units and relevant technical staffs of thePMU, coordinate  the preparation of (ToRs),technical specifications using standard documentation agreed with theWorldBank and Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL), and also participate  in evaluation ofbids, expressions ofinterest for preparation of shortlists, pre-qualification of suppliers, etc.,where necessary. The International Procurement Specialist shall review ToRs andspecifications for completeness, consistency and fairness, and if necessarysuggest amendments; Initiatethe procurement processes, including those for International and National Competitive Bidding procedures,ensuring compliance with agreed procurement methods' threshold, priorreviewrequirements specific  to the project andagreed aggregate  threshold amounts forless competitive procurement methods; Presidingover bidding procedures and participating in bid/proposal opening sessions, bidand proposal evaluations  and ensuringthat the appropriate Guidelines are followed to arrive at the recommendationsfor award of contracts; In caseof procurement actions requiring IDA "no objection", coordinate the dispatch ofprocurement document to IDA (including through PROCYS for prior reviewactivities), monitor IDA response time on issuing "no objections" at differentlevels of the procurement process and follow-up accordingly; Coordinatethe response to procurement inquiries and communicate the result of theevaluation processes to the applicants in response to the Guidelines; Monitorand ensure timely responses to procurement questions raised by the WorldBank.  For services, follow-up with theshort listed consultants within 10 days of RFP dispatch, to ensure theirparticipation in the selection exercise; Superintend over procurement clarificationmeetings (if any) and develop clarifications/amendments to procurementdocumentations (if needed); Participatein selection of Evaluation Committees and assume the role of the Committee'ssecretary in recording the minutes of the meetings; Preparethe minutes of the Evaluation Committee meetings and prepare the requests for"no objection" and coordinate and participate in contract negotiationprocess,where necessary; Preparedraft and final contracts, and ensure timely distribution of all relevantprocurement and contract documents to relevant stakeholders; Ensuretimely receipt of the goods and consultant's status reports, confirmingacceptability of the goods delivered, and also acceptability of consultantsreports as reviewed, and recommending payments to the services providers as theybecome due; Establisha performance monitoring database for all suppliers and consultants, and ensureefficiency and timeliness in the delivery of outputs from the servicesproviders; Liaisewith all relevant Implementing Units and the PMU with a view to preparingmonthly, semi-annual and annual procurement reports (or other periodsas may berequired) as inputs into the Project Management Reports (PMR) to be submittedto the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, World Bank and otherrelevant agencies; Regularmonitoring of procurement across the Project and problem-solving as neededincluding regular updates on problems experienced and on changing needs forspecific types of advice; Establishand maintain a central procurement filing system (both electronicallyandmanually), and ensure all related documents are included in the respectivefiles, to ensure ease of retrieval of information and the ease of following thetrail of procurement by independent external auditors or authorized agents; AdviseMoFED on processes for disposal of un-required stores and equipment includingactual disposal in line with the Laws of Sierra Leone; Providetraining and capacity building needs of procurement staffs of the PMU/MoFED and other identified stakeholders toensure long-term sustainability of theproject outcomes, with a view of strengthening staff capacities andskills, filling skills gap  and alsosupport institutional strengthening; Provideadvice, mentoring, coaching and providing on-the-job training for relevantprocurement staffs in the PMU/MoFED, and advise them to plan and execute allstages of the procurement cycle in accordance with World Bank  and nationalprocurement procedures; Assistin supervising contracts in accordance with the respective contract agreementsincluding the processing of payments, physical inspection and testing, receiptand transfer of the goods to the Client, submission of consultants' reports andclosing of respective contracts; Provideprocurement advisory services as and when needed; Participatein procurement audits and reviews of the Project; Superviseall procurement staff within the PMU and assign tasks to them as andwhen necessary; Workwith relevant managers to identify their procurement needs under the Projectand help them manage the procurement planning and execution process in a timelyway; Assist in dealingwith claims, bid challenges and litigations relating to contracts andprocurement; Develop andimplement a robust procurement monitoring system and follow up mechanisms toensure that procurement activities are carried out as planned; identify anydeviations and take appropriate actions and submit regular periodic procurementreports to the Project Manager; Initiateappropriate quality assurance procedures to the procurement function of theProject; Carryout any other relevant duties that may from time to time be assigned by the PMUProject Manager. 4.0  Reporting,Communication and Time Schedules 4.1  The InternationalProcurement Specialist shall report directly to the PMU Project Manager andwill prepare monthly,  Quarterly,Semi-Annual and Annual procurement reports (or for any period as necessary) asinputs into the Project Management Reports and, in addition, preparesotherprocurement reports, as and when needed. 4.2  Emphasis willbe placed on highly effective, regularand detailed communication with the PMU Project Manager and relevant componentmanagers; 4.3  S/he will be required to assess technical skillstransfer to the counterpart staffs; 4.4  S/he is expected to report and analyze all problemsexperienced with procurement, more specifically on the Project,  so that remedial andcapacity-building actionscan be promptly taken; 4.5  S/he shall make inputs into reports prepared by thecounterpart staffs as needed. 5.0 Deliverables TheIPS will be expected to produce thefollowing deliverables, among others: Ø Procurement Plans Ø Budgets andSelection criteria Ø Procurementnotices and reports Ø Varioussolicitation documents Ø Clarifications/amendmentsto various procurement and solicitation documents; Ø Bid/Proposalevaluations Ø Minutes ofnegotiations Ø Draft and finalcontracts Ø Capacity buildingand training plans and reports Ø Action plans for trainingsand capacity building programmes Short-listing,evaluation reports, records of public bid/proposal openings Minutes of meetingsfor confirmation of the expressions of interest/ proposals Minutes ofnegotiation (as applicable) Notifications ofcontracts awarded ProcurementMonitoring Reports Other reports anddocuments as required. 6.0 Qualifications,Experience and Competencies Minimum Master's degree in Procurementwith minimum of 12 years of experience in public procurement practices andprocedures, 8 of which must have been served as a Procurement Specialistor Procurement Manager or Procurement Consultant; Minimum of 5 years of experience inhandling, managing or overseeing international procurement for World Bankfunded or administered projects; the minimum country experience oninternational public procurement of World Bank funded or administeredprojects should be two (2) countries, however, having worked in more than two(2) counties shall gain added advantage; Membership in a recognizedprocurement-related institute, such as CIPS or ISM; Knowledge of/experience with World Bank/other internationaldevelopment organizations' procurement procedures would be an addedadvantage; Good knowledge ofthe institutional,technical, and commercial aspects of procurement; Experience in delivering trainings and capacity buildingprogrammes at international level; Demonstrated high experience in contract management at manageriallevel; Fluencyin spoken English and ability to write lucid reports anddocuments in English is required; Strongorganization skills and ability to work in a team-oriented,dynamic and diverse environment; Proven track recordin workingeffectively within multidisciplinary teams, recognize the value of sharingideas, knowledge and information with others and takes personalresponsibility for doing so; Excellent interpersonal skills, sound judgment, communicationskills, training experience, ability to identify and resolve policy andoperational constraints; Demonstrated computer skills, knowledge of Microsoft Office Suiteespecially, Word, Excel and PowerPoint; Abilityto handle multiple taskssimultaneously, set priorities,and work independently, or under minimum supervision; Demonstrated capacity for initiative and efficient decision makingwith competent analytical and problem solving skills; Demonstrated competence by the level of timeliness and accuracy theindividual displays in carrying out his/her role, personal energy andenthusiasm and willingness to exceed expectations in his/her role; Ability to plan and organize effectively and build alternative actionsinto plans, deploying resources effectively and reviewing priorities; A commitment to supporting counterpartstaff to achieve the outcomes and objectives of the Project; Recognition and respect of peers, and ademonstrated ability to interact effectively and collegially with peers atall levels; Demonstrated ability to make soundjudgments on capacity issues that will require management referral andguidance; Demonstrated ability to work effectivelyin a mentoring role; Demonstrated ability to communicateideas and analyses clearly and tactfully, both orally and in writing; Demonstrated ability to assist andsupport the development of useful procurement processes and procedureseffectively; Demonstrated ability to transfer skillsand knowledge ? previous training or teaching experience is a plus; Demonstrated ability to adapt tochallenges and changes in the workplace. 7.0 Facilitiesand Services to be Provided by the Client The Client will provide: Accessto all information and stakeholders to facilitate the assignment Adequateoffice space with essential office furniture and office equipment; and Accessto Internet, and network resources, where necessary 8.0 Period ofthe Assignment 8.1   The duration of the assignment is for aninitial period of 12 months beginning 15thNovember 2016(subject to negotiations with the successful candidate), but not later than 30thNovember 2016. Subject to consultants' satisfactory performance of the assignment,the Contract would be extended only for at most another 12 months period (basedon the unit rates included in the original signed contract). 9.0 Location The IPS will belocated within the Project Management Unitof the PFMICP in the Ministryof Finance andEconomic Development, Freetown, Sierra Leone with travels to the provinces. 10.0         General Information Ø All posts will beadvertised on an equal opportunity basis and qualified women and men areencouraged to apply. Ø  Competitiveand attractive salariesand conditions of service will be offered to the successful candidate. Ø  Employmentwill be on full-timebasis, and contracts will be for oneyear subject toannual review with a possibility of renewal. Ø  Theperformance criteria thatwill be used to assess the performance of the International ProcurementSpecialist at regular intervals and based upon which the contract maybecontinued or terminated is the effectiveness, efficiency and quality ofdelivering on the Scope of Services, Duties and Responsibilities andDeliverables of the assignment. 11.0         Language of Assignment The language of the assignmentshall beEnglish Language. 12.0         Modeof Application All applications in writing should be accompanied by up-to-dateCurriculum Vitae and supporting documents (Note: do not send originals) withthe names and addresses of three referees, one of which should be thelast orcurrent employer and addressed to: The Senior Deputy Financial Secretary(Fiscal) Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Treasury Building George Street Freetown, Sierra Leone Or By E-mailapplication as attachment(including all supporting documents) d mofedpfmicp@gmail.com. Pleaseindicateclearly on the envelop (in the case of hard copy application) or in the emailsubject heading and attachment (in the case of electronic applications) thepost for which application is made. Closing Date: The ClosingDate and time for receipt of applications is 10th October, 2016at 5:00 pm GMT. Only short-listed candidates will becontacted.

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