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LA -TA for Hydropower and Mining sectors - P109736

   Laos — 
Published August 31, 2016
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Improving Hydropower Independent Power Producers (ipp) Process; Concession Agreement Management And Monitoring Andthe Implementation Of Policy On Sustainable Hydropower Development Project Name:           Hydro Power andMining TA Project ? Additional Financing Source of Financing: Credit/Grant No. 5449-LA/H949-LA Country:                     LaoPDR Project Number:       P109736/P148755 Ref #:                          C2bcd-CS04 Contract Name:         Improving Hydropower Independent Power Producers (IPP) Process; ConcessionAgreement Management and Monitoring and the Implementation of Policy on Sustainable HydropowerDevelopment Scope of Contract: The proposed consulting service process is open for the Consultantto proactively identify additional areas of work, ensuring that the analytical output is developed on a consultative basis,customized to Lao PDR unique hydropower sector, thorough and complete, building a work program with flexibility for adaption toachieve long-lasting capacity building results and ensure that knowledge is retained and can be continuously transferred among thebeneficiaries of consulting services.  This scope of work is intended to treat capacitybuilding asimportantly as the development of the analytical work.   The proposedscope of work includes 10 tasks described below. The time frame for the assignment will be18 months. The Team Leader of the coreteam of consultants will be based at the Department of Energy Business (DEB) in the Ministry of Energy andMines. 1. Perform Diagnostic Assessment;Develop Reform Option for Legal,Regulatory and Institutional Framework supporting Improvement of the IPP Process and Impl-n of the PSHD; Drafting ofBuild-Own-Transfer (BOT) Law 2. Institutional Analysis 3. Design of Standard Operation Procedures for Rationalization ofIPD, DEPP, DEM, DEB and DESIA Work Processes for IPP Process 4. Development of Technical Tools, Processes for CA Management& Monitoring; Generalization, Quality Improvement and Man-t of Power Generation Database and Full Synchronization of MOU, PDAand CA Database 5. On-the-Job Capacity Building and Capacity ReinforcementPrograms 6. MOU, PDA Concession Agreement and Power Purchase AgreementAssistance Program 7. Early Project Screening Methodology, Project Cost Estimation andFeasibility Studies 8. Review and Update Technical Guidelines andLEPTS 9. Institutional and Regulatory Framework and Guidelines for (i) licensing, construction, operating& monitoring of small hydro plants; (ii) hand-back and decommissioning of hydropower facilities on expiry/termination ofconcessions; and (iii) dam safety 10. Knowledge Exchange with NUOL andOther Lao PDR Educational Institutions Minimum Qualifying Technical Score: 70 Consultants' names JV of EDF Hydro & Sofreco PWC India with ENTURA (sub-consultant) WAPCOS City/Country France India / Australia India Status: Evaluated Firm Awarded Firm Evaluated Firm TechnicalScore (80% weight) 71.98 67.67 64.42 FinancialScore (20% weight) 13.87 18.77 20.00 Combined Score 85.85 86.44 84.42 Criteria: SpecificExperience (0) - - - Work Plan& Methodology (30) 30.00 29.30 27.90 Key Experts(50) 47.97 40.99 43.43 Training(10) 10.00 9.80 7.20 Local input(10) 2.00 4.50 2.00 Total (100) 89.97 84.59 80.53 Price as readout 2,681,220 1,982,365 1,860,000 Final EvaluationPrice 2,681,220 1,982,365 1,860,000 Final NegotiatedPrice 1,800,065 (net) 268,610 (tax) 2,068,675 (gross) Rank ii i iii Other Shortlisted Firms: Consultants'names Manitoba Hydro Int-l with Corporate Solutions Consulting (Sub-consultant) and Ricardo?AEA (Sub-consultant) JV of Castalia Strategic Advisers(Lead firm) and SMECInternational City/Country Canada / UK / UK USA / Australia ProposalSubmitted: No No

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LA -TA for Hydropower and Mining sectors
Lao People's Democratic Republic
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Gerner, Franz
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Quality And Cost-Based Selection
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Consultant Award (QCBS, QBS, FCS, LCS)
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August 31, 2016

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