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Kenya Infrastructure Finance/PPP project - P121019

  Nairobi Kenya — Project Implementation Unit
Published November 26, 2014 — Deadline December 11, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Contract notice
Consultancy For The Provision Of Transaction Advisory Services For The Development, Operation & Maintenance Ofthe Magwagwa & Nandi Multi-purpose Dams THE NATIONAL TREASURY INFRASTRUCTUREFINANCE AND PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS PROJECT CONSULTANCY FOR THE PROVISIONOF TRANSACTION ADVISORY SERVICES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT, OPERATION & MAINTENANCE OF THE MAGWAGWA& NANDI MULTI-PURPOSE DAMS REQUESTFOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST (CONSULTING SERVICES ? FIRMS SELECTION) IFPPP/LBDA/26/2014-15 Credit No: 51570KE Project ID No: P121019 This request for Expression of Interest follows the General Procurement Notice (GPN) forthe Kenya IFPPP project that appeared in United Nation Development Business No. WB3876-07/13 of July2013. 1.   Background The Government of Kenya (GoK) has received financing from the WorldBank towards the cost of the Infrastructure Finance and Public Private Partnerships Project (IFPPP) whose overall developmentobjective is to increase private investment in the Kenyan infrastructure market by improving the enabling environment to generate apipeline of bankable PPP projects. It is intended that part of the proceeds of this credit be applied to eligible payments underthe contracts for provision of Transaction Advisory Services for the Development, Operation & Maintenance of the Magwagwa &Nandi Multi-Purpose Dams to be implemented for theLake Basin Development Authority (LBDA), over a period of twenty four (24) calendar months. 2.   Objective The main objective of theconsultancy is the provision of Transaction Advisory (TA) services for a Public Private Partnership (PPP) tender to be awardedthrough competitive bidding, under the PPP Act2013, for the Development, Operation and Maintenance of the Magwagwa Multipurpose DamDevelopment Project (MMDDP) and the Nandi Forest Multipurpose Dam Development Project (NFMDP). a)       The objective of the LBDA-MMDDP is to create a large-scale multipurpose water reservoir catering forhydropower production, water supply, irrigation, river regulation, flood control, fishery, tourism and catchment management. For the MMDDP, theexpected outputs include: 95m high dam with live storage capacity of 445 million m3, 120 MW of hydropower giving energy productionof 570 GWh/yr., 33km 132KV Transmission Line, 13,807 ha irrigated land (Phase 1: 3,063 ha), water supply infrastructureto people insurrounding towns, buildings, roads and other infrastructures. b)      The main objective of the LBDA-NFMDPis to create a large-scale water reservoir which can provide water supply,irrigation, river regulation, flood control, and hydropower production. For the NFMDP, theexpected outputs include: 67m high and 1558m long dam with live storage capacity of 230 million m3, 50 MW of hydropower givingenergy production of 150 GWh/yr., 33km 132KV transmission Line, 7,251 ha irrigated land (Phase 1: 3,009 ha), water supplyinfrastructure to people in surrounding towns, buildings, roads and other infrastructures. 3.   Scope of the Work Theassignment shall be conductedby a team of eligible consulting firms/consortium and will cover but not be limited to the followingscope of work through to a successful financial close; PHASE 1: Comprehensive Review of the Feasibility Study, Due Diligenceand Transaction Plan Tasks will include: Comprehensive Review/Validation of existingProject Feasibility Studies; Financial Due Diligence; Legal Due Diligence; Environmental Sustainability and Social Safeguards;Market Sounding; Conduct of Overall Feasibility Assessment; PPP Transaction Plan; Support to the Contracting Authority gettingnecessary PPP Committee Approvals for the Feasibility Study (ifthe projects are found viable for PPP implementation based on VfMandfinancial analysis). PHASE 2:Development of Transaction Documents and Support during Bidding Process The Transaction Advisor will provide the necessary technical, legal andfinancial advisory support and prepare tender documents for the procurement of a private sector partner(s). This will be incompliance with all laws and all implementing regulations. The support wouldalso include initiating the NEMA approval process. PHASE 3:Assistance until FinancialClose TheTA will assist the Contracting Authority with bidder negotiations and engagement to financial close, including redrafting ofdocuments and drafting of new legal and other agreements as required. The TA will also deliver training and capacity building measures throughout the transaction period onrelevant keyissues, with a view to assist the Contracting Authority in monitoring the achievement of the PPP project's objectives as well asa move to develop sustainable technical capacity within the Contracting Authority. 4.   TheNational Treasury (the Client), through its Project Implementation Unit (PIU), now invites eligible consulting firms /consortia to express their interest in providing this service. Interested consultingfirms/consortia comprising of firms specialized in Financial, Technical, Legal, Environmental & Social Advisory areas, shouldprovide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services andshall be expected to specifically identify a Lead Transaction Advisor from amongstthem. The shortlisting criteria are: a minimum of seven (7) years' experience advising on PPPs especially in developing countrieswith at least one (1) financially closed PPP hydropower / energy  project forGovernment; experience and proven track record in facilities planning, design and construction of dam infrastructure in developingcountries; strong experience in legal contractsrelated to  infrastructure projects,contract and ancillary agreement drafting and negotiating in PPP hydropower infrastructure projects. 5.    The attention of interested consulting firms/consortia is drawn to paragraph 1.9 of the World Bank'sGuidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants [under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits& Grants] by World Bank Borrowers published in January 2011 ("ConsultantGuidelines"), setting forth the World Bank's policy on conflict of interest. 6.    Individual Consultants within consortia may associate with other firms in the form of a joint ventureor a sub- consultancy to enhance their qualifications. 7.    The firm/ consortium will be selected in accordance with Quality and Cost Based Selection method setout in the Consultants Guidelines. 8.    Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours i.e. 0900 to 1700hrs. 9.    Complete Expressions of Interestdocuments in plain sealedenvelopes with consultancy reference and name clearly marked on top should be deliveredin person, sent by mail or by email to the address shown below or placed in the tender box at our offices on the 7thfloor, Anniversary Towers, North Tower. PostalAddress: Project Implementation Unit Attention: ProcurementSpecialist P.O Box 30007?00100 Nairobi,Kenya. Physical Address: Project Implementation Unit Attention:  Procurement Specialist 7th Floor, Anniversary Towers, NorthTower. Building No.19 Monrovia Street/UniversityWay Nairobi, Kenya. Telephone No: +254-20-2210271/4 E-mail: procurement.ifppp@piu.go.ke; info.ifppp@piu.go.ke;info@pppunit.go.ke Deadline for submission of Expressions of Interestis Thursday 11th December 2014 at 1600 hours Kenyan local time. DIRECTOR, PUBLIC PRIVATEPARTNERSHIPS UNIT FOR: PRINCIPALSECRETARY

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Project ID
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Kenya Infrastructure Finance/PPP project
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Safavian, Mehnaz S.
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Request for Expression of Interest
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Procurement Method
Quality And Cost-Based Selection
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December 11, 2014 16:00
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November 26, 2014
Project Implementation Unit
Procurement Specialist
P.O Box 30007
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