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Ma'anshan Cihu River Basin Improvement - P126813

   China — 
Published December 17, 2014
Notice type
Award notice
Project Management QCBS ContractAward NoticeGeneral Information GeneralInformatio Name of Project: Ma'anshan Cihu River Basin EnvironmentProject(Ln.8251-CN ) Consulting Services:  Consultants forProject Management Assignment Contract No.: B24 Method of Selection: QCBS - Quality And Cost-Based Selection Duration of Contract : 5 years. Scope of Contract: ProjectManagement Minimum Qualifying Technical Score: 70 Consultants' names Easen International Co.,Ltd Energy and EnvironmentalDevelopment Research Center Joint Ventureof SSFIngenieure AG (Leader) and Prof. Schaller Umwelt Consult GmbH (Member) and EPSILON Group (Member) [Insert name of Consultant 4] [Insert name of Consultant 5] City/Country P.R.CHINA P.R.CHINA GERMANY Status: Awarded Consultant/Firm EvaluatedConsultant/Firm EvaluatedConsultant/Firm EvaluatedConsultant/Firm RejectedConsultant/Firm NotEvaluated Reason TechnicalScore 91.2 80.46 77.8 None None FinancialScore 100 82.84 90.48 CombinedScore 92.96 80.94 80.34 Criteria SpecificExperience 10 10 10 Work Plan &Methodology 20 20 20 KeyExperts 60 60 60 Training 6 6 6 Localinput 4 4 4 Price as read out RMB 3,385,200 USD656,450 USD601,000 Final EvaluationPrice RMB 3,385,200 RMB4,086,663.83 RMB3,741,465.40 Final NegotiatedPrice RMB 3,622,164 (tax RMB 236,964 inclusive) Rank 1 2 3

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Project ID
Project Title
Ma'anshan Cihu River Basin Improvement
Notice No
Notice Type
Contract Award
Notice Status
Procurement Method
Quality And Cost-Based Selection
Contract Award Type
Consultant Award (QCBS, QBS, FCS, LCS)
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Published Date
December 17, 2014

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