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Paints, hardeners, sealants, organic composite solvents and thinners

  Bratislava-Ružinov Slovakia — Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a.s.
Published October 17, 2014
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MONAL-BBG s.r.o.
Varnishes: The task is to create a protective paint film resistant to external influences, while not significantly change the color or design of the treated object. This makes them most often produced as a transparent chemical. Paints contain pigment, are colorless or only slightly tinted. Are distributed on the interior and exterior, which additionally contain active ingredients protection against UV radiation and their use is quite wide. Hardeners are used to cure a range of paints, which are mixed prior to processing, in a ratio that is appropriate for the type of paint prescribed. Coating material to lose its quality must be observed hardening mixture pot life, which is mentioned in the standards of each product. Proper application curing agent is coating material becomes more robust and sustained duration. Sealants are used to fill joints, bonding materials, adapt to movement due to temperature changes, resist moisture, shrinkage, weather, vibration and bending. Ensure that the design elements remain firmly attached and absorb stress and movement thanks to its properties. Due to the adhesive force and the durability are suitable for bonding and sealing of different materials and very absorbent, non-absorbent surfaces, no sensitive adhesive materials such as concrete, glass, granite, marble, aluminum, steel and plastic. Organic solvents: Solvents are generally multi-component chemicals are frequently running the dilution of synthetic (or. Oily) paint, cleaning contaminated sites, respectively. elimination of unnecessary or damaged coatings. Paint strippers. From the chemical, but also functional terms are very similar solvents. The advantage of paint strippers compared thinner is better ability to chemically decompose unnecessary coating and thus facilitate its subsequent removal.

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