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Budget formulation and cost planning software for OCHA

   Switzerland — United Nations Office at Geneva
Published September 9, 2015 — Deadline September 23, 2015 (4 years ago)
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Contract notice
The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) seeks to implement a cost planning solution to manage OCHA’s financial budgeting, planning, consolidation, staff post management and reporting. This will be an interim solution awaiting the UN budget formulation corporate solution based on SAP and expected to be implemented in 3 years. Requirements: OCHA is seeking to procure an “off-the-shelf” or online solution with standard features and functionality avoiding complex and costly customization.  The solution should cover the critical requirements outline below: Financial budgeting, planning and forecasting features that support financial classifications found in a standard general ledger.  Support for highly granular level of detail and activity allowing an easy data breakdown or roll-up. Provide a simple, easy to use interface for preparing financial plans (budget) and capabilities for reviewing and approving such plans as well as associated workflows to support the process. Provide financial consolidation capabilities to reconcile, consolidate and summarise financial data including up-to-date organizational level view of financial information. Provide support for complex financial processes and features including data versioning and audit trail of all associated activities. Ease of configuration, implementation and support for change management. Provide a solution for personnel post management including post status monitoring and updates. Support for strategic planning and forecasting and strategy management – RBM –Results-based budget management. Support strategic forecasting and modelling, which involve inferring new versions of plans and budgets based on actual results, the analysis of historical data and “what-if” scenarios. Ease of maintenance and upgrades. The solution will replace an existing budget formulation legacy system. Data migration of existing data and interfacing with historical data for reporting and analysis will be required.  The legacy system is based on MS‑SQL / Asp.Net application Provide user support and training and a 24x7 technical support line for critical issues. Support data integration with SAP (the ERP system used in the United Nations). Scope The scope of implementation will include two phases: Phase 1 (initial implementation) Full functionality with pilot users Planning and implementation of financial planning and budgeting including workflows for the review and approval of cost plans. Implement post management functionality – integrated post status monitoring and updates Initial users:  2 administrators and 10 advance users. Migration of current budget data and implementation of a data interface with the existing legacy solution for historical reporting. Phase 2 - full implementation to all OCHA offices and user training and support. Financial consolidation, performance measurement and strategic planning – results based budgeting. Full deployment to all OCHA offices: New York, Geneva and 29 (currently) field offices (about 60 users). Implementation of Financial consolidation and reporting. Performance measurement and support of Strategic Planning – Results Based Budgeting.

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Request for EOI
Budget formulation and cost planning software for OCHA
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United Nations Office at Geneva
23-Sep-2015 17:39
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(GMT 2.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris
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Switzerland (+41)
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22 9174019
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Jacqueline Enstone - jenstone@unog.ch, Tel: +41 22 9174019

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