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Modernization of Temperature control systems for Medical Stores Limited (MSL) central warehouse in Lusaka.

   Zambia — United Nations Development Programme
Published May 15, 2015 — Deadline June 23, 2015 (4 years ago)
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Contract notice
Medical Stores Limited (MSL) is a parastatal agency co-owned by the Ministries of Health and Finance and responsible for storage and distribution of public health commodities in Zambia. MSL’s central warehouse, located in Lusaka, will need increased space and an upgrading of the current premises as described in Figure 2, Page 37 and Section 9, Extract from concept note on MSL infrastructure of this RFP. One of the elements that need priority attention is the central temperature control system. The current system is not energy sufficient and uses up warehouse space due to the location of the conducts used to cool the air inside the warehouse. Such space can be better used for storage of health commodities. Energy consumption constitutes an important part of the operational recurrent costs incurred by MSL. In view of long term sustainability it is proposed to replace the current air-conditioning system with a new, energy efficient temperature control system and provide the warehouse with sustainable, solar  powered, energy supply to cater for a maximum of the total energy generation requirements. The project is part of UNDP and MSL efforts to use sustainable energy sources while providing quality storage and distribution services at costs that can be sustained without a negative impact on access to treatment and care for the Zambian population. NOTE THAT A SITE VISIT AND PROPOSERS INFORMATIONS MEETING IS SCHEDULED TO TAKE PLACE IN LUSAKA ON 9th June

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Request for proposal
Modernization of Temperature control systems for Medical Stores Limited (MSL) central warehouse in Lusaka.
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United Nations Development Programme
RFP Ref. GFATM-04-2014 REV 1
23-Jun-2015 12:00
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(GMT 2.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris
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Denmark (+45)
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Alfonso Buxens - alfonso.buxens@undp.org, Tel: +45 21313284

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