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Repair and maintenance services of building installations

  Gliwice Poland — Zarząd Budynków Miejskich I Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego Sp. z o.o.
Published November 11, 2015 — Deadline December 17, 2015 (4 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
In accordance with the Terms of Reference numbers: 3.1 The contract is to provide services in the field of technical emergency resources Hour TBS and maintenance of municipal resources administered by the Board of Municipal Buildings and Social Housing Association Sp. z oo in Gliwice. 3.2 The detailed scope of the contract as part of municipal resources (task No. 1-3) specifies the model agreement with the corresponding attachments for the job, which is attached as Appendix 8 hereto. 3.3 The detailed scope of the contract resources within TBS (Task 4) defines a model agreement and its annexes, which constitutes Appendix 8a hereto. The Employer allocated for the implementation of the service (resources TBS) the maximum amount of PLN 0.11 / 1 m² + VAT and usable living space (excluding the cost of material). 3.5 In the framework of municipal resources, the contract will be settled in accordance with the following principles, based on the attached lists annexed to the Agreement: Purchaser allocated for the implementation of the service a maximum amount of PLN 0.30 / 1 m² + VAT (excluding the cost of material). b. a separate order (labor & material) in business premises in buildings which are 100% owned by the Municipality of Gliwice; Communal premises in residential and commercial buildings Housing Communities; for residential buildings, representing 100% owned by the Municipality of Gliwice where the value of the service unit is greater than the amount of PLN 500 + VAT. 1389). 3.8 Parts can not be shared by contractors, job containing the full scope of the contract set out in a specific part will be rejected. 3.9 The exact address will be delivered lists of contractors executing the contract in question on the day of signing the agreement. 3.11 The Contractor shall organize its own system for accepting orders and it provides access to the client; providing the necessary equipment, tools and materials to perform this service. To perform the contract, use equipment, materials and products approved for use in Poland, certified for safety mark, declaration of conformity with the Polish Standard or technical approval and in the genre. 3.13 The Contractor service is obliged to comply with safety and fire for activities consistent with the description of the object of the contract and is responsible for compliance with those rules. 3.14 By submitting offered a statement of compliance with the terms of the tender Contractor certifies that during the task (on the basis of a contract) will have persons with relevant professional qualifications in the field of work performed. 3.15 The contractor is responsible for causing hazards and impediments, exposing the users of buildings and their grounds for damages. In the case of objection to the quality of the services provided by the users (clients Employer), the Contractor shall accordingly bear the financial consequences in accordance with the contractual arrangement. There are no set description on the invoice will be the basis for its failure. 3.18 The Contractor is obliged to maintain discretion and confidentiality with regard to possibly entrusted to and during performance of the contract obtained information regarding the Board of Municipal Buildings and TBS Sp. z oo in Gliwice. 3.19 shall not be accepted variants. 3.20 Contact details of the territorial units of the Purchaser are available on the website: www.zbm.gliwice.pl

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