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Installation Services: Telecommunications and data and radio-/TV-teknik.

  Stockholm Sweden — Sveriges Radio AB
Published August 28, 2013
Notice type
Award notice
Saab AB
Sveriges Radio AB procures installation services including: telephone and data, and radio and television technology. This procurement is a joint procurement between Sveriges Radio AB (SR), Sveriges Television AB (SVT) and Educational Broadcasting AB (UR). This document sets out the companies, SR, SVT and UR means. When only one company indicated at the SR, SVT and UR. The aim is to procure installation services to meet companies' needs for such services during the contract period. The needs expressed in this material are based on the companies' current business, a business that could change in the coming years due to reorganization or external influencing factors that companies have no control. SR is the contracting authority and the contractor in this tender. SVT and UR will be avropsberättigde on that agreement. The contract is handled and conducted by SR.

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