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Consulting services for preparation of a study with privatization model of the state-owned JSC for Postal Traffic Makedonska Posta — Skopje.

  Skopje Macedonia — Ministry of Transport and Communication — Macedonia
Published July 25, 2015 — Deadline August 31, 2015 (4 years ago)
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Contract notice
Project program For preparation of a study with privatization model of the state-owned JSC for postal traffic Makedonska Posta — Skopje. — Review of the privatization processes in the EU member-states and General comparison between choosing the option for privatization of JSC Makedonska Posta vis-à-vis maintaining status-quo. — Due Diligence Analysis (legal and financial) for the period 2006-2014. — Long-term financial projection for the operation of JSC ‘Makedonska Posta’ — Skopje for the next 5 years by applying the discount rate of return, applicable to our region. — Capital value assessment based on market principles i.e. DCF (Discounted cash-flow projections of future earnings), Stock Market Offer-Valuation i.e. capitalized earnings and net asset method according to the international assessment standards. The economic operator can use combination of all three methods. — Provisioning of at least 3 (three) proposed scenarios with defined action plan for privatization of JSC ‘Makedonska Posta’ — Skopje. — Determining the privatization model and preparation of step-by step privatization road map wherein the extent (percentage) of privatization and the time dynamics (span) for reaching the optimum privatization level will be successively determined in a predetermined percentage and timespan. — Identifying the need of new or improvement of the existing legal regulation for implementation of the privatization procedure and determining the implementation period. — Determining particular characteristics, dilemmas and requirements of the potential purchasers and investors. — Determining particular types of sales restrictions and conditions (e.g.: reserving the right to golden share, etc.). — Animating the potential investors and participating in the negotiation phase therewith. — Preparation of proposed contract. The aforementioned study will contain, but will not be strictly limited to the contents specified above. The procurement is inseparable and the bidder should provide a bid for the entire procurement extent. The purpose of the public procurement is preparation of a Study which should provide enough information in the decision-making process of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia through the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the management of JSC Makedonska Posta — Skopje as response to the following asked questions: — Which are the most favourable privatization models and which is the best option for implementation? — What is the best time frame for implementation of the privatization? — What are the cost benefits of the selected alternatives? — What are the main risks related to the project implementation? — On which assumptions is the selection of most favourable alternative based?

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