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Construction work

  Fredericia Denmark — DONG Energy Thermal Power A/S
Published September 3, 2016
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Construction work

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Denmark-Fredericia: Construction work

2016/S 170-306813

DONG Energy Thermal Power A/S, Kraftværksvej 53, DONG Energy Thermal Power A/S, For the attention of: Martin H. Grotrian, Fredericia 7000, Denmark. Telephone: +45 99555941. E-mail: mahgo@dongenergy.dk

(Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, 24.12.2015, 2015/S 249-455988)

CPV:45000000, 45100000, 45112500, 45200000, 45232400, 45250000, 45251000, 45251100, 45251140, 45251142, 45251230, 45262660, 90650000, 45262300, 45262520, 44112400, 45260000, 45261210, 71550000, 39715000, 45330000, 45332000, 45332200, 71321300, 31600000, 31000000, 31500000, 44300000, 51112000, 31518200, 31224100, 45331000, 30237280, 31174000, 31320000, 45232000, 31625000, 31321300, 45315400, 45315500, 45315600, 31321220, 31321200, 31214520, 31172000, 31210000, 45241100, 45243600, 42417000, 50750000, 45313100, 44221200, 45421131, 44221220, 44221230, 44221240, 44221300, 45421148, 45251250

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