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Electrical Communications Engineering Building Automation.

  Darmstadt Germany — Klinikum Darmstadt GmbH
Published October 9, 2014
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Award notice
ENTEGA Energieeffizens GmbHDornheimer Weg 24Darmstadt 64293 +49 61519702000 +49 61519702002
Description Quantity Unit: provide ACS including Extension and ports and Baustromkabel 7 St. construction lamps and maintain 1450 St. cable disassembly 45,000 m.. Dismantling cable trays 3000 m. Cable transfer 7,50 x 5,10 m, 20kg payload / m (provision + maintenance) 20 St. swirling cables 7000 m. Supply shift from stock manifolds 2 St. identify power cables and telecommunication lines 1000 St. unlock automation station 5 St. subdistributions and monrieren supply 1 pc cable and cables and run 20,000 m. Lighting Exterior 24 St. RAS base units 3 St. RAS pipe 200 m. Cable management panel 19-inch, 1U 6 St. LAN Patch Panel, 24 Port, shielded 6 St. fiber optic patch panel, 24 pcs, 12 pcs shielded junction box for RJ45 modules, 2-fold, aP 56 St. RJ45 module, shielded, Cat 6A, contact bending protection 112 St. BOS 200 m. PA speakers 24 St. NW passage tube 160 stainless steel 240 m. Driving PVC pipe NW 160 210 m. HDPE pipe driving NW 160 170 m.

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