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Electrical supplies and accessories

  Katowice Poland — Samodzielny Publiczny Szpital Kliniczny nr 7 Śląskiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego, Górnośląskie Centrum Medyczne im. Leszka Gieca
Published April 29, 2015
Notice type
Award notice
Description of the contract The contract is for the supply of materials for the maintenance and repair of technical 1 - Delivery, installation and start-up kits Multisplit 2 - Section radiator to the central M CKH / 2 3 - Generator Set 4 - Set boiler feed pumps for steam 5 - Electrical equipment 6 - Fire doors 7 - Leasing cylinders and gradual delivery of technical gases - Freon 8 - Materials joinery and furniture accessories 9 - Castles, inserts and door handles Zad.10 - Curtain rail system Zad.11 - Rails for medical equipment mounting Zad.12 - Equipment & tools for live working Zad.13 - Equipment for cleaning electrical equipment Zad.14 - Truck Parts MELEX battery type Zad.15 - Truck Parts EP battery 006.19 detailed order contains an Appendix 2b to tender documents. Employer's Requirements concerning the subject matter of the contract: 1) offered a medical device must have certificates and be registered in accordance with the legislation requiring ownership certificates, certificates and registration, 2) offered a medical device must be placed on the market and use in accordance 586), 3) offered medical devices must conform to standards or technical specifications applicable for that product; Contractor is obliged to carry out such activities in terms of the applicable regulations and provide the Purchaser on these dates relevant evidence proving the execution of such activities. In order to confirm that offered supplies meet the requirements specified by the Employer Contractor is obliged to submit with the offer: 1 For Job 1: Documents which the Contractor must submit: a) a hygienic certificate, issued by the National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene confirming compliance hygiene requirements by using materials in public healthcare facilities. The contractor may instead of / in a document submitted certificate issued by entities domiciled in another Member State of the European Economic Area - in the form of the original or a copy certified as a true copy by the Contractor; 23 Public Procurement Law, these documents attorney is submitting the Contractors; Employer allows the use of solutions equivalent to those described in the Terms of Reference solely with respect to the order described by the indication of trade marks, patents or origin. Equivalent solution is a solution to achieve the effect of the assumed by the Purchaser and explicit in the Terms of Reference by other solutions. A contractor who offers solutions equivalent to those described by the Employer is obliged to identify and describe equivalents, filling respectively Price Form, which is enclosed hereto.

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