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Refuse collection services

  Sierpc Poland — Gmina Miasto Sierpc
Published February 7, 2015 — Deadline March 16, 2015 (4 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
Object of the contract covers services for the collection and management of municipal waste from property owners, on which residents reside within the administrative boundaries of the City Sierpc, hereafter called "Real residing" within 12 months. In the field of mixed waste and residues from waste segregation ("mixed"): 1) the collection and recycling of mixed waste, residues from waste segregation generated at a residential estate, 2) equipment in residential real estate containers: a) for single-family housing - a container for mixed municipal waste; b) for multifamily housing - a container for the collection of mixed municipal waste container type; 3) the frequency of waste collection defined by the resolution No. 367 / XLIX / 2013 of the City Council of 23.10.2013 Sierpca the change, later known as the "Resolution". In terms of sorted municipal solid waste ("Selective"): 1) the collection and recycling of segregated municipal waste generated in the residential real estate; 2) the waste collected separately for the purposes of this Agreement, shall mean waste expired drugs and chemicals, waste batteries and accumulators, waste electrical and electronic equipment, furniture and other bulky waste, used tires, green waste and construction and demolition waste and municipal waste constituting paper , glass, metal, plastics and furniture and other bulky waste; 3) the collection and recycling of waste collected separately from the people understand is received at the place of manufacture, Selective Rebounds Point Municipal Waste (PSZOK) and during seasonal collections of waste in places and the dates specified in the resolution; 4) PSZOK is located at Traugutta 33 in Sierpiec and administered by ZGKiM Ltd. in Sierpiec; 5) The property facilities residing in containers and bags for separate waste collection; In the field of biodegradable waste in the green waste ("Bio-waste"): 1) the collection and recycling of biodegradable municipal waste, including green waste, ("Bio-waste") resulting in the property and PSZOK inhabited;

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