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Architectural and related services

  Offenbach am Main Germany — GBO Gemeinnützige Baugesellschaft mbH Offenbach
Published October 18, 2017
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Results of design contests

The subject matter of the architects' services to be awarded is the performance profile according to § 34 HOAI 2013. The competition is the subject of the Hochbau. Design for the new construction of the Fröbelschule with the main focus on intellectual development, a department for physical motor development (full-day school). The special requirements of the school must be taken into account, in particular from an economic point of view.

The new building is to be erected for 140 - 150 pupils, the movement hall with 210 m 2 usable hall play area. and a teaching swimming pool with 105 m 2 Water surface. The cost ceiling was approx. EUR 11 500 000 net for KG 300 u. 400.

The process is carried out as a single-phase, non-open, high-rise realization competition according to RPW 2013 with max. 10 participants with a previous application. and subsequent negotiating procedure. according to VgV. The competition has been registered with the Chamber of Architects of Hessen under the number 08/2017 RPW 2013 on 7.4.2017.

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