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Integrated engineering services

  Munich Germany — Staatliches Bauamt München 1
Published November 22, 2017 — Deadline December 19, 2017 (a year ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
VAT) according to cost groups (KGR) DIN 276-1: 2008-12:

KGR 410 370 234 EUR;

KGR 540 184 462 EUR;

KGR 420 563 210 EUR;

KGR 430 1 166 256 EUR;

KGR 434 893 457 EUR;

KGR 470 53 068 EUR;

KGR 480 780 769 EUR;

Total: 4 011 456 EUR.

Fee parameter: From the point of view of the client:

Honorary Zone: II below (KGR 410, 540, 420,470); II / III below (KGR 430); III below (KGR 480).

Start of planning: immediately after placing the order.

Start of construction: 10.2019.

Construction completion: 6.2021.

To award HOAI for the following asset groups:

Sewage, water and gas installations,

Heating systems,

Ventilation systems,

Usage-specific / procedural equipment,

Building automation and automation of engineering structures.

As part of the construction project, the building will be adapted to today's technical requirements, the technical building installation will be renewed.

600 m 2 extended, which is realized by an underground new building.

Based on this test report, the present AFU-Bau is to be overridden or adapted in such a way that an execution planning is achieved and on this basis the tender documents can be created.

Due to the limited building cubature, there is a very high installation density in the technical center located in the basement as well as in the area of ​​the installation roads.

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