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Public road transport services

  Padua Italy — Provincia di Padova
Published November 25, 2017 — Deadline May 22, 2018 (10 months ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
The service will be governed by a concession contract under which the proceeds of the sale of the travel certificates are the Service Dealer which will, in addition to the industrial risk, have to support, in the limits and in the conditions contained in the tender documents, the risk commercial connected to the achievement of the proceeds of the traffic.

Concession concession for nine (nine) natural and consecutive years of public and public urban and extra-urban municipal and urban public transport services of the Optimal and Homogeneous Territorial Basin of the province of Padua.

50/2016 and according to the tender documents.

1033 of 24 June 2014.

The corresponding financial resources are annually awarded by the Region of Veneto to the EdGs that are part of the service to partially cover the costs of the Dealer.

50/2016, in addition to the consideration for which the offer is made, are attributed to the Assignee.

The annual mileage produced by tender totaled 22 035 377 of which 2 901 322 (urban rubber service), 861 932 (urban service Tram), 5 032 926 (service on the rubber paved area of ​​Padua), 13 168 531 (service on extraurban rubber).

The principal of the service will be the winning bidder or the capital company that will be compulsorily formed by the aggregation of the winning economic operators (NewCo).

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