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Accommodation, building and window cleaning services

  Dreux France — Commune de Dreux
Published May 17, 2017 — Deadline June 19, 2017 (2 years ago)
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Contract notice

Special cleaning and cleaning services in the buildings of the City of Dreux.

Daily maintenance (suction, sweeping, washing, cleaning of sanitary ware, installation of consumables, etc.) and restoration (fabric armchairs, wall carpets, storage rooms, stain on the walls, passage to mono-brush tile floors ...).

Daily maintenance (suction and washing of floors, halls and corridors, locker rooms, carpets, maintenance of stairs, installation of consumables, cleaning of mirrors ...) and refurbishment (suction and washing of storage, Wiping of pipes, cleaning of equipment, spots on the walls, passage to the mono-brush of tiled floors, etc.).

For some exterior windows, foresee a forklift truck.

Daily maintenance (receptions, toilets, stairs, corridors), biweekly maintenance of the furniture, door handles, switches and electrical outlets, water points and wastebasket emptying; (Fabric armchairs, storage rooms, pipes and radiators, carpentry, flooring all types, ventilation grilles, staircase ramps, lighting fixtures ...).

Technical services and covered market.

House proximum, postal agencies and BIJ.

The services cover 7 buildings and include the following: daily maintenance, maintenance 3 times a week, maintenance once a week, refurbishment, large and small cleaning on request, once a year ..

Entertainment facilities: Daily maintenance (during the holidays) and refurbishment.

BAN (pool of learning of the swimming): daily maintenance (specific products for beaches and swimming pools).

Pôle location.

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