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On the transport of recyclable sludge in agriculture from the WWTP Lives-sur-Meuse market.

  Naninne Belgium — Inasep
Published October 11, 2014 — Deadline November 27, 2014 (5 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
The market consists of a single batch due to a contractor. The sludge will be collected at the treatment plant Lives-sur-Meuse, where they are stored in two agricultural skips. these agricultural bins (3 axles) will be made available to Inasep. dumpsters are met at minimum sludge at 22 +/- 2 tons of raw materials. Renting dumpsters will be automatically renewed each year. The end of the rental will be notified no later than two months before the judgment of the lease. Inasep aims to acquire two agricultural bins during the first year of the contract. 2 buckets will be adapted to sludge carts on the road to the fields. Maintenance and monitoring of leased dumpsters will be borne by the contractor and included in the rental fee. The treatment plant produces a variable amount of sludge, estimated at 7800 TMB / year, or about 354 buckets / year. This sludge can be recycled in agriculture. The execution of the mission takes place under the control of the official leader: Francois Mathy, floor Liege 1103-5101 Lives- sur Meuse - +32 477 313 170 - mathy@inasep.be Operational management, analytical, regulatory and administrative: Francis of 'Ursel +32 473781368 - fdursel@ibw.be, acting on behalf of Inasep. The hall dumpsters will be visited without appointment; Operators of the WWTP Lives-sur-Meuse: Foreman Lives-sur-Meuse Olivier Monmart olivier.monmart@inasep.be +32 477541019 Operator Station Lives-sur-Meuse Olivier Ongaro olivier.ongaro@inasep. BE +32 478806328 Operator Station Lives-sur-Meuse Michel de Kerchove michel.dekerchove@inasep.be +32 478877305 The safety adviser is Mr. Istace V (+32 476316380)

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