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Occupational clothing, special workwear and accessories

  Copenhagen Denmark — Øresundsbro Konsortiet
Published February 6, 2015
Notice type
Award notice
Grolls AB
Invitation to bid: Øresundsbro Consortium (Purchaser) invites you to participate bidding / tilbudsgivning at Work Framework. Brief description of the scope: The scope of the contract is approximately 80 employees who need to work fitting clothes of high quality and with the outer layer of functionality notice (notice yellow). A complete basic set of one employee costs 11 000 SEK per person. The extent of replacement depends on klädespersedlarnas life. What is asked: Some 80 employees need to work in the Pay Station fitting, functional and comfortable clothes of high quality which has an outer layer with a safety function. Electronic procurement tools: Further instructions are provided in connection with registration. Procurement Policy 712 of 15.6.2011 Bekendtgørelse on fremgangsmåderne wood indgåelse of offentlige vareindkøbsaftaler, offentlige tjenesteydelsesaftaler og offentlige Bygge- og anlægsaftaler. Open procurement / public Udbud: the closing date / tilbudsfrist and leaving Tenders submitted electronically via VISMA www.tendsign.com.Anbud received after the closing date or in any other way than by VISMA TendSign will not be considered by the Buyer. Closing date is 20/10/2014. Tender validity / vedståelse: The offer is valid until 31.3.2015. Tender Scope: Tender is provided throughout the queried range, ie the ten specified articles. Other specified range is not mandatory to bid for. Number of Sellers: Number of Sellers agreement can be shared between one (1). Variants: Buyer accepts variants / tilbud provided the requirements and the buyer's functional needs have been met. Language: Replies submitted in the following languages ​​Swedish, Danish or Norwegian or in combination, or English. Technical Data Sheet or equivalent accepted even in English. Evaluation / tilde ment criterion of tenders: In the evaluation of tenders, the tender will be adopted as the most economically advantageous. See Weighting report. (With most economically advantageous refers, therefore, not affordable whose valuation is limited to the price). Financial and economic standing: The seller is required to have the financial strength, technical ability and experience required for the undertaking. The buyer uses credit information providers (UC in Sweden and KOB / Experian Denmark) for determining that the seller has a good and stable economy or information otherwise verify the company's economic and financial position. The seller is required to have at least rank: Swedish companies: - class 3, but the application for payment, payment default or liability of the bailiff. Danish companies: - rating 50-100, No credit history. At lower class / rating than the requirement level the Buyer will make an individual assessment of a company's creditworthiness based on established requirements and data submitted. This might be the case for start-ups that do not have historical data but that can make it believable to the Buyer that he has no standing to the fulfillment of the mission can be considered to be ensured. The seller may be disqualified if the Seller can not be considered to have a good financial and economic position. If the information can not be retrieved via Buyer's credit information providers Buyer will ask equivalent certificates from the Seller. Contract Start: The Agreement will enter into force 01.04.2015. Termination of the contract: The contract is valid for all deliveries bids activated before the contract ends. The agreement is valid until 03/31/2017. Extension of the contract:

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