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Printing machinery

  Czarne Poland — Pomorska Instytucja Gospodarki Budżetowej „Pomerania” w Czarnem
Published November 7, 2015 — Deadline December 16, 2015 (4 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
The contract is for delivery (including transport, unloading, installation, commissioning and training of employees) used machinery and equipment poligraficznych.Przedmiot order was divided VI parts: Part I - offset printing machine 8 -colored, Part II - offset printing machine 5 color with coater Episode III - line saddle-stitching, Part IV - Binder for books, PART V - folders B1 - 2p, Part V - line varnishing with a complete prepress to expose screens offered machinery and equipment to be effective in 100% and be in condition to ensure full readiness to carry out their activities without having to incur additional expenditure by the customer for repair, servicing or maintenance. Object of the contract must be free from physical and legal defects. After delivery, installation and start ordering devices will validate the operation and installation of the supplied equipment. For proper operation of equipment and acceptable by the customer quality testing trials and the training of staff, the contracting authority considers collusion a duly completed and sign the acceptance protocol. The detailed scope of the contract is specified in Annex 5 hereto and in the draft agreement, which are attached to the terms of reference, hereinafter referred to as "Terms of Reference". Purchaser at the stage of examination and evaluation of submitted bids reserves the right to inspect and test runs of machinery and equipment offered for their compliance with the requirements specified in the tender documents. The Purchaser shall inform in advance about this fact the contractor - to determine the place and the specific date of the visit.

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