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Telecommunications system

  Rennes France — Région Bretagne
Published March 15, 2017 — Deadline April 28, 2017 (a year ago)
Notice type
Contract notice

Providing inbound and outbound fixed telecommunications services, mobile telephony, Internet connection and inter-site network for all sites of the Brittany Region (3 lots).

This lot relates:

- Subscriptions and communications (incoming and outgoing) in fixed telephony Patton primary site and the site's Robiquette;

- Connecting the data center (Site Proxycenter TDF Cesson-Sevigne) 2 multiservice access (Internet and VPN) secure and independent;

- Connection to a VPN network of 29 other sites with access types of ADSL, SDSL and fiber without providing direct access to the Internet;

- The connection of 6-speed Internet connection types with associated services;

- A service offer in terms of SMTP relay spam, domain name and public IP address for the main sites.

T2 type of access central sites Patton and The Robiquette not part of that lot.

It ensures the backup and manage individual cases (fax, videoconferencing, broadband, online security, elevator, ...).

The definition of aid is as follows: traditional connection ensuring a high level of availability by which transit communications only when the site Proxycenter (TDF) is inaccessible (loss of the IP connection for example).

Compared to the volume of these bonds, the Brittany Region specifies that these bonds are not used as normal since all sites rolled onto an IP telephony solution.

The objectives are mainly to control spending Telecommunications mobility but also to provide a constant adaptability throughout the duration of the framework agreement to the mobility needs of the regional administration to the best technology available.

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