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Architectural, engineering and planning services

  Pforzheim Germany — Eigenbetrieb Stadtentwässerung Pforzheim
Published February 5, 2015 — Deadline March 5, 2015 (4 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
To realize the fourth purification stage intends the natural Stadtentwässerung Pforzheim, tender planning services in a Europe-wide procurement procedures under the provisions of the VOF and gradually to instruct. All planning services (especially for civil engineering structures, technical equipment, structural design and other design services) to a total of - to be awarded to a general planner - subject to the discretion of the self Stadtentwässerung Pforzheim to call for a portion of the advertised power levels. The holistic integrating a master planner was chosen to avoid technical interfaces in the planning and combining their responsibilities for the feasibility of the plan in one hand. The self Stadtentwässerung Pforzheim makes the realization of the project depending on the results of the cost calculation and the granting of public funding. Therefore, a decision to build for the realization of the project is not yet available. It is insofar also still unclear whether a building permit and / or a water permit is required for the project. The subject of the advertised - and tasked with awarding a contract - Performance level 1 design services of the power phase 2 and phase 3 power for all components of the project (especially engineering structures, technical equipment, structural engineering). Subject to the performance stage 2 are any necessary planning services to the power stage 4, which would be required for approval of the project. Subject to the performance level 3 design services performance Phases 5 to 8 of the images of Structures, Technical Equipment and structural engineering. Subject of the power stage 4, the performance phase 9 of the images of Structures and technical equipment.

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