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Construction work

  Bayreuth Germany — Landesgartenschau Bayreuth 2016 GmbH
Published June 3, 2015 — Deadline June 23, 2015 (4 years ago)
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Contract notice
As part of the Landesgartenschau Bayreuth 2016 created the garden Cabinet within the entire project investment in the core area. It is here about one of 5 cabinets that slide up like a balcony in the Mainaue. The garden Cabinet consists of an intensive planting perennials in the middle part of the garden space. The perennials area is framed by a classical hop trellis, but the case consists of steel posts between which span steel ropes and hop plants up vines. In the back of the garden cabinet is a classic hedge theater in the middle of a stage platform is erected on site of existing sandstone blocks. Before that, the earthworks in the garden Cabinet has been executed, so that the ensuing garden and landscape construction, the laying of drainage pipes, making the gradient convolution in the gravel layers, the production of an intense perennial garden area, the creation of a trellising from steel posts and steel cables, the construction of a Heck theater, creating swings and the planting of trees recorded.

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