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Engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works

  Gliwice Poland — Zarząd Dróg Miejskich w Gliwicach
Published November 14, 2015
Notice type
Award notice
Meritum Projekt
The contract is for preparation of project documentation for the construction of a connection Street. T. Chałubińskiego of the street. Tarnogórska including the preparation of the proposal for a decision authorizing the implementation of the road project. I. The scope of the contract includes the execution: 1. Project construction. 2. Industry implementing projects, including reconstruction or security of foreign devices interfering with the implementation of tasks and plans BIOZ. 3. Preparation of complete applications for authorization for the implementation of road investment to the competent authority together with obtaining necessary decisions and arrangements (including obtaining security conditions for reconstruction or public utilities and negotiated with the owners of these networks, opinion on the proposed location of utility networks, etc. .). 4. Documentation of the project to submit works for the reconstruction of the intersection. Tarnogórska of the street. 04KDL. 5. Documentation surveying - legal information needed to obtain the right to use the property for construction purposes, including, among others: the consent of property owners on a temporary occupation of land necessary for the realization of investments and execution of real estate projects geodetic division of the application for a decision allowing for the investment road. 6. Analysis of traffic. 7. Projects constant traffic organization. 8. Application for departure from technical conditions. 9. Project ducts. 10. Inventory of existing greenery and felling plan and execute development projects in the countryside. 11. Geotechnical Studies - to determine the geotechnical conditions of the foundation of buildings. 12. The bill of quantities specifying the number of units przedmiarowych works, the chapter industries. 13. investment cost. 14. detailed technical specifications of the Workmanship and the Receipt of Work.

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