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Paving and asphalting works

  Lubartów Poland — Gmina Lubartów
Published May 26, 2017
Notice type
Award notice
Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Drogowych Lubartów S.A.
Wandzin on the stretch from km 0 + 016.50 to km 0 + 275.00.

9 to SIWZ.

3 to SIWZ.

Worksheet is an auxiliary.

1.The scope of works includes:

- Preparatory work, including routing and height points;

- elevation and stabilization of the lane boundaries with PD bars;

- removal of trees and bushes conflicting with the planned investment and demolition works;

- Earthworks;

- execution of elements of the road body drainage;

- Securing the existing power cable with SRS 110 shielding tube;

5.0mo construction:

Wear layer of asphalt concrete AC11S as for KR1 - 4 cm,

Bonding layer of asphalt concrete AC16W as for KR1 - 4 cm,

Basic foundation of broken aggregate 0 / 31.5 mm stab. down. - 16 cm,

Substructure of the aggregate stab. Cement with Rm = 2.5 MPa -16 cm;

2m of construction:

Paved concrete block - 6cm,

Cem ballast. - sandy 1: 4 - 3cm,

Auxiliary foundation of stabilizer aggregate. Cement with Rm = 2.5 MPa - 10 cm

- construction of parking for 11 cars and 7 individual conventions of construction;

Surface of concrete block - 8cm,

Cement and sand bed 1: 4 - 3cm,

Basic foundation of stabilizer.mech aggregate. - 15cm,

Auxiliary foundation of stabilizer aggregate. Cement with Rm = 2.5 MPa - 14cm;

- the execution of the bike rack and stand with the concrete cured;

- curing 1 downhill and pavement with broken aggregate at 0.75 m wide;

- protection of the slope by means of a wall of concrete lawn;

- Humus and sowing with a mixture of grass slopes and ditches;

- Make vertical and horizontal markings consistent with the constant. traffic;

- Make an as-built inventory

22 § 1 of the Act of 26.6.1974 - Labor Code:

- the activities of employees in the scope described in Attachment 9 to SIWZ for the time of performing these activities related to preparatory work, road construction works and bituminous pavements, pavers, marking and assembly of the shed.

1666 with amendments).

The Employer accepts exceptions from the aforementioned employment records for the construction manager and the works managers, ie persons who perform independent technical functions in the construction industry and persons who hold the qualifications issued under other regulations, which authorize the independent performance of work without supervision.

5 act).

Equivalent works will be considered as equivalent to the technology, materials and equipment other than those specified in the Detailed Technical Specification proposed in the offer, provided that their parameters are not worse than those specified in the Detailed Technical Specification.

Works or equivalent products with minimum technical parameters as indicated in the documentation may be used for the execution of works.

When the equivalent solutions will result in the need to change the design documentation, the Contractor whose bid will be chosen as the most advantageous will be obliged to make changes to this documentation before the start of the contract.

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