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Video Production Switcher Systems.

  Odense C Denmark — TV2 / DANMARK A/S
Published July 18, 2015
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Award notice
Avit Systems A/S
TV 2 is planning to replace our current SD video production switchers for 24/7 NEWS production and feature magazine production in Copenhagen with new HD video production switcher systems. Currently, a GV Kayak SD250C is used for the production of 24/7 NEWS. The Kayak system has been in production since Q3 2007. For this project, TV 2 will build two new production control rooms. The aim is to build two completely separate chains of production (production chains), equalling a design incorporating two separate broadcast video production switchers using traditional, proprietary video switcher technology. The background for this is a required high redundancy and up-time and the ability to take one production chain out of service for maintenance leaving the second production chain in full operation. In addition to traditional switcher technology, TV 2 is open to a HD broadcast video switcher system architecture based on dynamic, IT based re-assignable resources. The system architecture of such a system must however be created in a way, that a defect or breakdown does not affect both production chains / production control rooms. Such an IT based architecture can share of processing power for input/output resources inherently, but a key factor for any system architecture offered is very high redundancy. The broadcast video switchers will to a large extend only be controlled from an automation system (VizRT Mosart). A common control panel for the video switcher functionality in the two control rooms must be offered. This panel will only be used for set-up of effects etc. to be recalled and used by the Mosart automation. The broadcast video production switcher systems must therefore be controllable from two separate Mosart automation systems from VizRT, i.e. one Mosart system controls what equals one traditional video switcher. Current Mosart software level at TV 2 is v.3.6.3. The router control system at TV 2 is Virtual Studio Manager from L-S-B (Lawo). Current Virtual Studio Manager software level at TV 2 is 14.1.1. (Build: 1932).The offered broadcast video production switcher must have integration to VSM. The tender will form an agreement for delivery of video production switcher systems, installation, training, documentation and support and a framework agreement for extending the provided system with extra units and features.

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