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Insurance services

  Privas France — Mairie de Privas
Published May 24, 2017 — Deadline June 19, 2017 (a year ago)
Notice type
Contract notice

The purpose of this call for competition is to select:

- the insurance intermediary (s) (general agent or broker) who will be responsible for the placement of the contracts, their management and the settlement of claims,

- the mutual insurance company or mutual insurance companies without intermediaries covering the various insurance risks of members of the grouping of orders.

The insurance covers, in addition to the goods included in the list of goods, all the immovable property, owned by the insured, rented or held by the insured in any capacity, against, as principal guarantees: fire, lightning, Damage to electrical and electronic equipment, storms, snow, water damage, vandalism, theft, broken windows, machine breakdowns, computer and office risks, All risks, musical instruments, natural disasters, damage to street furniture, contents of freezers and cold rooms.

The insurance covers all the activities of the contracting authorities and their ancillary services, including ancillary activities of all kinds, including industrial and commercial activities and all transferred, delegated, reserved or special competences, against: personal injury, Property damage, consequential or non-consecutive intangible damage.

It also guarantees the activities given in management, granted or leased in the event of default or in addition to the assurances of the concessionary or tenant managers.

Whereof the contracting authorities are the owners or custodians or the users of such services for the carrying on of all their activities, including the carriage of passengers by public or private transport, against bodily injury or damage to property, fire , Theft, breakage of ice.

The insurer guarantees the reimbursement of all the indemnities charged to the insured for, as a basic offer, the death benefit, the "Accident or illness attributable to the service" guarantee, and under the options, the guarantee "Incapacity for work - sickness", the guarantee "Maternity, paternity, childcare, adoption".

The subject matter of the contract covers information and advice, prevention and transaction, as well as legal aid in disputes related to the existence of contracting authorities and their assets, activities Which are devolved to them.

The contract covers the following disputes, which are covered by the professional activity of the insured: criminal defense, remedies (voluntary violence, defamation ...).

For all insured items, either for permanent exhibitions or for temporary exhibitions.

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