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  Valby Denmark — Bygningsstyrelsen
Published October 20, 2017
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Facility management tasks in a large part of the Danish state are gathered with the Danish Building Agency. The assignments will be offered in 3 waves, where daily deliveries within facility management will be carried out by an external supplier in an integrated contract for each of the 3 waves. The first wave assignments have an estimated annual value between 200-300,000,000 DKK within the service areas cleaning, catering (canteen), internal service, interior maintenance, safety, outdoor areas and waste management. Deliveries during the first wave are expected to come into operation in the second half of 2019 for the institutions involved.

The building board intends to hold an initial market dialogue to prepare the supply of facility management services as best as possible. The purpose of the market dialogue will be be optimizing:

- Contract design within eg. time, economics model, data level and performance limitation

- Commercial terms around eg. risk management, change management, termination and development opportunities

- Managing the process of business transfer of contractors and civil servants

- Implementation process after contract completion

- IT support for facility management deliveries.

The market dialogue is expected to take place on 22, 24 and 27 November 2017 at Carl Jacobsens Vej 39, 2500 Valby. Interested companies wishing to participate please contact form no later than Friday, 3.11.2017, fill out the form on the building board website https://www.bygst.dk/viden-om/facility-management The building board expects on 7 November 2017 to give final feedback to the interested parties companies, when the market dialogue with this is planned. If the number of companies wishing to participate exceeds 6, the Building Agency will select those who appear most relevant according to their brief description in the comments field.

Material for preparation for the participating companies will be posted on the building board website by 9.11.2017.

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