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Framework for Forest Management Operations (Cornwall, Savernake and Wyre).

  Coleford United Kingdom — Forestry Commission
Published August 27, 2015
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Award notice
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Municipality, Agriculture
Steve Wheeler Tree Maintenance
The Forestry Commission has awarded a framework agreement covering the provision of a wide range of forest management operations. The work will be varied but may include — All Lots, — Respacing, — Small scale amenity planting including the use of tree guards and stakes, — Beating up, — Hand weeding, — Brashing and cleaning, — Mechanical weeding, strimming/brush cutting works, — Clearance of scrub and trees along rides and in areas of open habitat, — Dealing with windblown trees, — High pruning with pole chainsaw and pole saw, — Pesticide application, — General site maintenance tasks (such as repair of post and rail fencing, rehanging gates, installing signs, etc.), — Collection and delivery of goods. Lot 1 only: Small scale tractor, winch and tractor forwarder work for instance assisting with multiple wind blow. Lot 4 only: — Technical fencing (e.g. high tensile wire fences, temporary deer fences), — Pre-tariff plots and tariffing.

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