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Architectural services for buildings

  Železný Brod Czech Republic — Střední uměleckoprůmyslová škola sklářská, příspěvková organizace
Published November 24, 2017 — Deadline January 4, 2018 (9 months ago)
Notice type
Contract notice

The subject of the contract is the preparation of construction and design documentation, incl. architectural design of the exterior of the building and related engineering activities for the construction of the House of Youth, Těpeřská 581 in Železný Brod in the scope defined in the project plan prepared by Project A plus, sro, Husova 581, 511 01 Turnov.

The work will be processed and discussed as follows:

Part of this phase will be the implementation of the focus of the objects, the carrying out of all necessary surveys and the elaboration of the itemized calculation of the expected investment costs.

Part of this phase is the determination of the total cost of the construction, divided into the building component (broken down by individual building and engineering objects), the technological part (according to the individual operational files) and other costs (expert estimation).

499/2006 Coll., As amended, including the itemized budget (broken down by individual building and engineering objects) and the statement of the contractor's choice.

PENB (energy performance certificate of the building).

The subject of the work will also include the following activities and documentation:

Ensuring the engineering activities for the decision on the location of the building and the issuance of the building permit.

Their behavior is assumed on average 1 x every two weeks, every 3 hours.

Collaboration when selecting a contractor.

Author's supervision of the designer at the time of the project implementation.

Co-operation in commissioning.

The design documentation will be handed over to the client in the following scope:

- study - 6 authorized steams, 1x electronically in PDF, XLS and DWG on CD / DVD,

- merged documentation territorial planning and building permit - 6 authorized steam, 1 x electronically in PDF, XLS and DWG format on CD / DVD,

- Construction documentation - 6 authorized steams, 1 x electronically in PDF, XLS and DWG on CD / DVD.

This sponsor will be evaluated and approved after submitting three variants of the exterior solution.

This documentation will include the comments of the authorities concerned.

Complete and impeccable fulfillment of the contract means the complete, functional and impeccable execution of all project work in accordance with the manufacturer's technology guidelines, applicable standards and generally binding legal regulations, including the statements of the authorities concerned, other participants in the future construction process with the final result of issuing the relevant decisions permitting the future realization of the construction.

4 ZD.

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