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Construction work

  Bayreuth Germany — Landesgartenschau Bayreuth 2016 GmbH
Published September 16, 2015 — Deadline October 6, 2015 (4 years ago)
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Contract notice
1. General: As part of the Landesgartenschau Bayreuth in 2016 created within the entire project investment, the Sports Cabinet that particularly children and young people should respond. There is a large continuous network of 470 m2 created, the dynamic game and represents a kind of sports field, hopped on, poised climbed and ball can be played. The games and sports power swings like a tent over several steel pylons. 4 main pylons push the network, like in a circus tent upwards, thus forming the shape. In the middle of the pylons is about a 2-ton fiberglass ball. It is integrated into the tent and puts the entire network structure in tension. The network consisting of four sub-networks is running, then to the sides and is secured to the connection points at the edge. The boundary points are made of vertical steel tubes that are inserted into existing on-site reinforced concrete quiver and there poured with concrete and additionally screwed. A double rope supporting structure is stretched between the external terminals and the above then pylons that receives the comprehensive network and transmits. 2. Executed Services: produce is a game and sports network that consists of four individual networks. The power adapter pieces are hung on a rope construction framing and clamped. The framing rope construction is braced on the outer attachment points and the pylons before the nets are mounted. Our range includes the power cuts, the wire frame construction, the steel pylons and the attachment points. Also to manufacture and mount the heavyweight ball from GFK.

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