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Software package and information systems

  Magdeburg Germany — Land Sachsen-Anhalt vertreten durch das Ministerium der Finanzen
Published August 19, 2015 — Deadline September 29, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Contract notice
The financial authorities of the federal and state governments have the task to assess the taxes according to the laws evenly and raise accordance with the principles of the Tax Code. To implement this order is to be observed by officials of the tax authorities for years a growing number of laws, administrative instructions and judgments. For each staff member it becomes more and more time to update their knowledge and to search for previous periods with conventional methods literature. For the modern implementation of all tasks a computerized information system for legal and tax information to staff members shall be provided from 01.04.2016 (Production Startup). This technical information system should make it possible to retrieve at the respective places with simple operation to provide technical information required quickly and effectively. It is needed for the activity in the services laws, administrative instructions and the law, particularly for tax and other - relevant business tasks the Ministry of Finance of Saxony-Anhalt (General Administrative Law, Real Estate Management) - include reference possible all-encompassing; the data underlying it must be in a logical relationship to each other and should be linked. For the use of the specialized information system currently about 3900 staff are provided (on workstations). The field service solution will come to about 750 PC / notebook used. Sales license holders are each holding another office staff license. The customer intends to purchase the software in the form of a so-called corporate license / full version. In connection with the introduction of the specialized information system to be carried out by the contractor a training administrators and 2 multiplier training (user).

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