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  Copenhagen Denmark — Rigspolitiet
Published June 9, 2015 — Deadline August 17, 2015 (3 years ago)
Notice type
Contract notice
The Minister of Justice has asked the National Police in cooperation with the Police Federation to prepare a proposal for how to introduce a selection scheme for uniformed police officers. Marking scheme should help to support and maintain the high trust that the population has to Danish police. The scheme will help to ensure that safe, unique and can quickly identify the individual uniformed police officer in situations where this is subsequently important. Against this background, the National Police in cooperation with the Police Federation decided to implement a selection mechanism in the Danish Police implying that uniformed police officers to wear visible marking on the uniform. The marker should be placed on the right side of the body / chest. Future uniforms will therefore be sewn velcro, so that there can be secured the textile unique markings. This Danish Police has an immediate need to buy a number of selections with burrebåndbelægning. Until it is possible to attach the mark on the torso / chest, a transitional solution. Transitional solution will consist of a burrebåndstrop, fastened around the shoulder straps of the police official's shirt, polo shirt, sweater or jacket. This gives Danish Police need to buy a number of loose burrebåndstropper. Procedure: Contracting Authority has chosen to carry out this task digitally through Mercell Denmark A / S. To participate in the task copy this link to your browser: http://permalink.mercell.com/51476340.aspx Here you register the task by clicking on the icon at the top: "Sign your interest. ' If you are not a licensee of Mercell Denmark A / S must fill out a registration of your company. This registration is required for your continued participation and without cost. After sending the registration you have free access to all documents. You will receive login codes www.mercell.dk within normal working hours and can then send your offer / application.

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